Is there anything useful that can be done with "incapacitated" POS modules?

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category - was scanning in a lowsec site looking for potential targets yesterday and I came across the remains of what must have been a player owned structure.

There was no stick but there were 5 or 6 “incapacitated” gun batteries just sitting there.

It seems absolutely silly that those structures are just going to stay around out in space, probably abandoned because the owner hasn’t come back to rep them and un-anchor.

I’d love to be able to scoop them - is there anything that can be done ?

Just leave them, eventually CCP will delete them from space. They’re worthless and will take you days to clear out due to their HP and resistances.

This means they’ve taken damage and the only way to remove them is to destroy them, which as mentioned above will be a long & tedious process. If they were undamaged they could be scooped but generally when the tower is removed any undamaged modules are taken at the same time.


You can’t rep them?

Ahh, yes, maybe, after a quick google I found this:

“If you can destroy the tower, you can repair the modules (using Remote Armor and Hull Repairs), unanchor them, scoop them up, and sell them.”

Without the tower I thought they were already unanchored though… not sure. However iirc the effort to value ratio for either (destroying or repping) just isn’t there, which is why they get left. Course if the OP just wants to try it, no reason not to.



Can they be scooped even if anchored? Most of the ones I come across are still anchored.

Probably not, if that were the case, you could just scoop any other structure that requires un-anchoring to scoop

Last time I tried it, once the tower is destroyed (again, assuming no damage) they can be unanchored and scooped by anyone.

Edit: It has been a while since I was ‘pos hunting’ though:


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ok so the tower need to be gone too?

Hey thanks for the advice guys - I may well give it a go … depending on how busy local is :slight_smile:

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Can you recall how long it took those 5 ships to take down that POS?

Do you think when the time finally comes CCP will just remove them from game or will they lower the HP of them so they can all explode in a fire.

I’ve seen CCP comments indicating they are wanting to make sure all uses for POS are replaced by new structures, before removing & reimbursing them entirely. CCP have responded positively (in years past) to some suggestions about a new, smaller structure for “day trips” - usable by individuals and small groups.

I don’t remember, but at a guess would say ‘not long’ as it was a small POS and was out of fuel (no force field or timers to worry about).


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Unlike what others want you to believe, POS stuff is not worthless.
CCP will compensate us for the removal of them.

There’s tons of people who farmed POS modules from dead sticks …
… and many more who actually own towers for exactly that reason.

Grabbing a few POS mods …
… when it costs you nothing but some afk time in an Oracle …
… is a solid investment.

Yeah. It’s only “worthless” stuff on today’s market because few players are buying it. We will at least be compensated the mineral value of items removed. Which is a problem for Factional versions of structures: what will they do, base item + 25% ? What’s a Domination Large Artillery Battery 3-run BPC - worth?

They will probably wait another 10 years and then figure out what to do.

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I take 'em if anyone doesn’t want theirs anymore!

Free of Charge!

No wonder your corp is stagnant, you spend all your time on the forum trolling. With over 4 years in the game and a director title, its amazing you don’t know POS mechanics better.

Repair the POS modules, scoop them up with a blockade runner ( take multiple trips ) and either grind them down for their parts, or hold onto them waiting for the CCP payout. An easy out would be a drone boat, while no logistics ships have bonus’s to hull repairs, they do have a bonus to logi drones, so consider using hull repair bots.

Be warned, Repairing the modules will take a very long time, unless you use a fax, but its probably not worth the risk for a few scraps of POS kit lying around.

Thanks for the suggestions … I’ll post a reply if I go back to try and they are still there

There was talk back at citadel that pos’s would be swapped for their corresponding citadel, Q speculatuve rush buying of large faction towers. I would not mind a few faction keepstars, thank you very much.

The idea that faction pos will be swapped for their corresponding citadel is pretty abaurd but I’d not mind a few trillion.

In my view nothing will be done, you can put them with your annaconda mines, siphon units, bot reports & ect. Ect. ect.