Unanchored POS mods without POS can't be picked up

Nott sure if this is working as intended. But in a WH I found unanchored POS mods without a stick. When I went topic them up, it told me that I couldn’t because the POS belonged to a corp in NPC alliance. Killing the mods is basically impossible for one character. Is this broken? For the record it is in J130403.

just anchor a stick, scoop the mods, then scoop the stick

It just takes some time, but it’s not really difficult.

You can either shoot them down for the killmail or fully repair them, then you can unanchor them and scoop them for profit. And yes, that they have a lot of hitpoints isn’t broken, it’s totally intended.

They are already unanchored and fully repaired. Can’t be picked up because corp that anchored is in NPC. I will try putting up a stick though.

they have to be destroyed then. If no player poses are dropped, IIRC from my limited knowledge, NPC’s will drop their own.