Suspect for Repping POS equipment

Hi there,
strolling around in Highsec I found out about the most laid back kind of PvP in EvE: If a POS is destroyed, all the remaining turrets and batteries can just be unanchored and scooped into cargo by anyone as long as they are not damaged. Unfortunately, most of the batteries are incapacitated (probably that’s why they are still there), and thus not collectable until they are repaired, which is a tough job with 1,5m EHP armour at 0%.
So for some guys who consider mining too much action, repping these modules and collect them has been a calm way of tidying up New Eden - until this month. Now I become suspect if I rep a module of an ally I don’t belong to.

Did I miss a patch note? Didn’t find anything here in the last 6 months:
Or is it depending on the state of the alliance (at war etc.)?

Thanks for you help!

At least you aren’t CONCORDed!

This is very strange and makes little sense. Maybe file a petition or bug report?

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Thanks for the reply. I try to put a new POS there, I was told the modules belong to the POS owner as soon as I anchor it.

We’ll see :slight_smile:

Edit: Today it works again as normal. Weird.

Did you perhaps have a kill right someone could have activated?

if the attack had just finished and the attacker still had a pvp timer when OP started repping …

That should have causes concord, not suspect.

As it works normally again, I presume a bug. It was around the time of a new patch. I’ll report if something new happens.

Putting a POS there doesn’t work either btw, the modules have to be repaired beforehand.

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