How do you repair incapacitated missle batterys

Like the title says how do you repair missle and torpeadoe batterys??? I cant remove them till there are repaired but dont know what to use to repair them.

go to a station that have repair services
right click on your ship
click repair all

He means the POS mods

And you just use remote repair modules, they exist you know, for those logistics ships etc :stuck_out_tongue:

There is even a remote hull rep, but GL spending days repping hull damage ol


dude whooa

Use a remote armor repairer and/or armor logistics drones.

Just remember the changes to logistics in highsec. If they are not yours (3rd party) you have to rep them outside of a wardec. You won’t be able to rep someone elses modules if either party has an active wardec. Otherwise concordokken if your safeties are off.

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You don’t mean missile batteries that should have literally been removed from the game like 5 years ago missile batteries??

I guess you can unanchor them and profit - but only if they are 100% undamaged.

yes thats when I put them there LOL wish I could just blow em up :slight_smile:

You can’t? I can vagely recall that we once did, but we only used POS in lowsec and wspace. If Friendly Fire is legal in your corp, what else could prevent you from doing so?

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