Weapons for a rainbow griffin

What type of weapons should I be putting on my rainbow griffin? here’s the current fit, with no high slots. Feel free to give other tips on the fit in general (also, i’m alpha)


2x Hypnos Compact Signal Distortion Amplifier I

5MN Y-T8 Compact MWD
BZ-5 Scoped blue ECM
green ECM ------------ Can’t find any scoped ones within 10 jumps of me lol
Umbra Scoped yellow ECM
Enfeebling Scoped red ECM

Small Particle Dispersion Projector I
2x Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I

It’s not uncommon for EWAR frigates and cruisers to leave their high slots unused, EWAR is your weapon and there aren’t many high slot weapons that help you in a fight at the range you want to be fighting at (far, far away).

Looking through recent Griffin deaths I see that pretty much none of them have high slot modules, apart from the occasional off-role close-combat fit that uses rockets. Your rainbow griffin has zero defences (your defence is to always be aligned somewhere and immediately warp away when danger gets close), so you would blow up if it gets within rocket range of a hostile. Rockets wouldn’t be helpful in your case.

If you do wish to fill those high slots anyway (and have spare CPU and PG), maybe add an auto targeting system for extra locked targets? You don’t even need to activate that module (in fact I probably wouldn’t), but it already passively increases the amount of targets your ship can lock.

And to fill the second high slot, you cannot go wrong with a festival launcher and some nice fireworks.



too short

Exactly -



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