Websites that allow you to by in game item

While I was searching for random information for EVE I found multiple websites that allow you to buy in game item such as ISK and large skill injectors and other things like that and it all looks tempting but I’m not sure weather there legit like is it breaking EVE terms of service or something like that (Thanks in Advance to all who reply)

Against the EULA/TOS…

About halfway down…


Those sites are breaking the rules and there’s a chance your account will be banned if you use them.

If you’re looking for plex or skill injectors, CCP actually sells those directly. If you want ISK you can buy plex and then sell it on the market.

CCP does have a few legitimate resellers of game time, PLEX and DLC’s. You can find them listed here:

Any site that sells ISK or in-game items is fraudulent.

Can buy plex from CCP or an authorized reseller, then sell it in game to buy the items you want to do it legally.

I found multiple websites that allow you to buy real life items such as Cocaine and MDMA and Ecstasy and other things like that and it all looks tempting but im not sure whether theyre legit like is it breaking my countries laws or something like that.

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Its worth noting that the ISK these sites are selling come from two distinct sources.

  • Botting. The use of third-party software to automate gameplay which is against the game rules and more than sufficient to be banned. Bots also erode the economy by adding large volumes of ISK, causing inflation.

  • Account hacking. Not simply unethical but downright illegal in many countries.

I say this to point out, that these aren’t nice people selling these items, at best they have questionable ethics and care nothing for the state of the game. At worst, they are simply criminals. If you buy from them, then you encourage their practices and put yourself in the firing line to get banned.

Not to mention, you may not receive your items anyway. People who have already broken the law to obtain these items won’t blink at leaving you high and dry beyond the possibility for repeat-business.




Not to mention that often (according to CCP security) there is also credit card fraud as a gift that keeps on giving long after you are banned for buying.



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