Weird performance problem - EvE more demanding than Star Citizen

I recently came back after 6 months and i recently bought myself my first “high”-end pc (i7-8086, 2080Ti, 32GB Ram etc.)
When i first ran EvE i set up skills, graphics - i didn’t even leave the station - etc. After 10 minutes my PC went super loud. I don’t understand why this is happening? I can play Star Citizen on High without that machine.

You didn’t get the Gold Plated PLEX Edition 2080TI? That must be why.

I am close to rage about it. It is a joke how much resource only the launcher eats. And the game itself freeze my whole PC sometimes for long minutes.

Sounds like you are using the “interval immediate” selection, which means that the game will run as fast as your computer will let it, often pushing over 300 fps, which will make any computer heat up.

I’ll try that one

turn off windows game mode too

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