Well CCP - Are you going to ignore this? Or are You Going To Act

Because IMO - You need to act.

Lol get lost attention whore.

Also thank you Reddit we love you for banning this guy.

Yes we are a bit mean you haven’t seen vile yet.


Aight mate I was certainly willing to at least listen and think about your points but now I dunno…

Tis fine, your not required to, the community doesn’t bother me buddy.

I have done what I set out to do

Job done

Back to pew pew

Why would I care about high sec? I don’t

I care about new players

Hmmm I don’t see your previous post was it removed? If so that’s pretty shady.

Also I’d drop this on Reddit if you haven’t already.

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And yet you are writing cry posts and make cry videos about wardecs, a highsec mechanic.

Thinking before acting isn’t your strong suit, is it? First making Tora angry and challenging him, then running around crying when he wardecs you? You’re quite pathetic, mate. All bark, no bite.

Are you going to ignore this? Or are you going to Act? @CCP_Falcon

@CCP_Falcon upventures for lock.

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I didn’t remove anything lol

Nah I can’t, got banned :slight_smile:

Fir my previous video

Same as i was attacked verbally on twitter by a CSM member

Tora doesnt fight, he runs

come fight me tora


aww want it locked ASAP?

It’s not nice when you know sumone made u look foolish

This thread has already been closed once because of trolling.

Don’t open it again.