Well, that escalated quickly

So this is just my dumb little story from a few weeks ago about my first real experience with getting sploded, tutorials aside.

Being a pretty new player, I had just finished a few career paths and had earned a shiny new Catalyst destroyer. Armed with the mightiest of the tools of war I could afford (small railguns), the finest technological improvements (civilian shields and afterburners), and my wits (dim), I bravely attempted a rescue of some poor innocent slaves as part of the Liberation event.

As soon as I entered one of the event sites, I went from 100% to splat in about ten seconds. There went everything I had built up, swatted aside like a fly. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to warp out before it got worse.

I think I can still hear the slavers laughing at my destroyer’s wreckage.

Apparently, I need a performance vehicle. And I will have my revenge.


These things happen, and we learn from it.

Though the slavers weren’t really the most aggressive IMO - are you sure it wasn’t another player who splatted your ship? That’s a mistake I too did in a previous event, you see. I had bought some skill books in a lower security system (can’t recall what, positive but enough that no CONCORD comes) and logged out. The next morning I noticed an event site in system as I prepared to leave and fool as I was went for it. The NPCs did nothing to me for something like 15 minutes until I suddenly noticed my battlecruiser losing shields. Then it went boom. Huh? Oh yes, I was so focused on the site that I had failed to notice a supercarrier sneaking up on me… Well, got out with my pod and some points for the event so not a total loss. :wink:


Pretty much! I laughed it off and just grabbed another ship. It was also great motivation to educate myself about more advanced fittings, so overall I’d say that I gained since experience is just as valuable as ISK.

To answer your question, it was definitely an NPC, according to the loss mail. I was just severely outgunned. I was moving toward the event site, everything peaceful and quiet for a few seconds after arriving, and then they all turned red and let me have it.


Use next time a cruiser for events. Its easier. And forget about civillian stuff. 90% of it is useless outside of the Tutorial.


All, all of it is useless outside of the Tutorial.


Hahaha Enjoy.

Almost everyone i have talked to has a 2 billion isk killmail loss that they raged over before going on with the game. My best is 2.5 billion isk (holy moly that was painful)


Luckily my highest lossmail is from the implants in my pod, which were close to a billion. But at least I know to not take anything that expensive into pirate nullsec again, without having working protection schemes going with the people that live there. The guy that splatted me there is also the only one I bothered putting a bounty on, not because I thought it would do any good but just because I like to hear when he’s been killed. Four times since then. :slight_smile:


For future reference, there’s usually a thread posted here in the forums about Events and even exploration sites that will list optimal ship fitting and tactics to complete it.

Anyway, welcome to Eve, all of us players have had one of those ‘Huh?’ moments at one time or another in game.

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O this brings back memories. I also started Gallente and the Catalyst is my favorite looking ship in the game still to this day. I used to run L3 security missions with a all T1 sniping Catalyst fit it was set up for speed tank + sniping / kiting doing a whooping 89 DPS ! And then I took it to low sec for some PvP action !

That and the Tristan, which unfortunately now looks / feels like crap after its re-design, it was way better before.

On a more serious note, not all events are solo newbie friendly. A lot of them are balanced so that new players can do them in small groups of 2-3 while us vets in our fully trained and fitted ships can solo them with at least some challenge, which I think is actually the right and correct way to go about it.


Hows about raging so much over a ship loss that you take out another ship that is sploded and then goes back to take out another ship that is also sploded. And is about to go at it again when a moment of clarity comes along and you face palm yourself so hard that it leaves a mark…

I did this :smiley:


A whole 10 seconds? Man, you are lucky. I have millions of skill points under my belt, and fly fully-decked out battleships. And when I fly into some area where I apparently shouldn’t have (gate camp or whatever) I don’t even have the luxury of seeing any enemy ships, seeing what happened, etc. All I know is, I’m about to drop out of warp, I hear some alarm bell, the screen goes black, then I wake up in a clone vat. I have to go get the kill mail to even find out what happened.

Anyway, at your level, just fully insure your ships and you can basically laugh it off.


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