WH a way to increase content and escalate battles

The idea is one that i seriously wounder why considering all the technologies in universe is not a thing.
So the idea consists of two things one being a station module the second being a small deployable that together would strike an intresting balance for strategy.

  1. the station module an artificial frig hole generator that will spawn a frig sized hole with eather a half or quarter mass of an natural forming hole at 1 to 5 au off station. this modual would have a 1hr cooldown that doesn’t start till after the wh has collapsed, only be activatable from wh space to wh space, and limited to 1 per station. Unsure if this modual should be able to target set j-tag (personaly i think this would be best allowing alliances to gather easier aswell as for people to target enemies if they find the systems j tag),target wh of set C lvl, or just spawn random wh
  2. The small deployable frigat hole stabalizer. This modual needs to be deployed within 5km from a frig hole and more then 5 au from a station(basically on the other end of frig hole if generated by station) it disables natural life timer and creats a bubble 6km reducing mass of small ships inside massivly. When this devise is destroyed the wormhole imidiatly crits or collapse (it should have no renforcement timer and at most 2or 3 times a mtus hp)

I am intrested in other peoples impute not so much in just a this idea sucks(if thats all plz keep the post short) but more so how could this idea work and if there is an issue with it what way could it be fixed)

I’m not sure about the station generating a select wormhole. Part of the uniqueness of a particular wormhole is what it can reliably have access to. However, the second idea and modifying it a bit could be interesting as a deployable device that dumps mass into a wormhole on grid. Greatly simplifying a mechanic that already exists, and freeing up pilots to have interesting fights.

Thank you for the input. Just for clarity do you believe the creation of frig holes from structure modual is in itself a bad idea or just any sort of ability to target its exit location. Also one of my hopes with the deployable is that it would provide another tactical target to defend/attack in the ever important efforts of hole control rather then just removing the need for rollers so any idea how a modual that just dumps mass through a hole could draw a fight such as maybe it is a constant stream of (x) m3

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