Wormhole Stability Device

I propose new deploy-able structure which can be used near wormholes to ‘stabilize’ them temporarily. For example, if a wormhole was about to collapse in less than an hour and you deployed one of these Wormhole Stability Devices, it would remain open for another 24 hours. No more or less than 24 hours though. The drawback to this would be to make a public beacon which anyone can warp to.

It’s a simple idea, but one that I think would have very positive effects for the whole of EvE online. Thank, you,

-Vash Bloodstone

Nope, decay is part of the ship size equation.


Anything mechanic that makes influencing Wormholes possible needs a major negative sideeffect.

Think about one before you want more input for your idea.

Oh ok, I’m unfamiliar with this ‘ship size equation.’ I do know that if too much mass goes through a wormhole, it will collapse it.
The purpose of this device is only extend a Wormhole’s natural lifetime. I was under the impression that a Wormhole’s lifespan and it’s ability to take mass were separate and it’s only if a WH takes too much mass does it collapse. I didn’t mention this, but I would leave the mass part alone. So, that even if a WH has a device, it could still be ‘rolled.’

Could you share this equation between ‘mass’ and natural WH lifespan, with me? -Thanks. If, I’m mistaken, I may make some adjustments.

So I have seen previous threads like this, and I have shot them down every single time. But now, I will make a proposal.

A: Dont do it

B: Stabilize it for another 12 hour at the most, make it cost a shiton in fuel, make it be a warp able beacon, and give it the HP of a MTU with no windows or timers. And make the thing expensive. Then maybe it could work.

This idea has been brought up before. No

This is a simple feature that I think would have more positive effects than some might realize. Let’s step back a moment. Wormholes themselves are a unique feature which allow you to travel great distances very quickly. It’s a powerful tool, as such, it has limitations such as being temporary and needs to be scanned down. Which is fine, and this device won’t fundamentally change that.

It is my contention that many new players and people who aren’t familiar with wormholes don’t utilize them enough. Too many players get frustrated or bored with their current system or region and just quit. Wormholes are usually only scanned by explorers and if your inexperienced, it can be tedious and frustrating especially if your a non-explorer in a non-explorer ship. This new device will create beacons allowing anyone to warp to a WH and check it out. It may or may not be used to move to a new region, but one thing it will definitely do is open the possibility that they can do it themselves.

Imagine a new player who is traveling a system (probably hi-sec) and sees a wormhole beacon one day. He warps to it and investigates and maybe he sees people hauling stuff or moving ships. This will give the new player the idea to do the same thing and may motivate him to find his own wormhole. Or he may just jump through the wh and discover something. Not having to be in a exploration ship or scanning down is huge. It could be dangerous of course and maybe gets blown up, but that’s fine.

Anything that can make it easier for a person to get out of their comfort zone, and go to new areas or helps them get out of hi-sec is a thing we should be encouraging. In it’s own small way, this device will do that. Many people aren’t familiar with scanning or may not waste time finding out what whs are about it. I would contend that had this device existed years ago, EvE could of retained hundreds of extra players because it could of helped to teach people about the power of wormholes.

… and cause him to lose everything he owns because the wh allowed a huge fleet to pass though.

Umm, what about EVE is a sandbox and the first rule of EVE.

Where’s the problem here?

Not a wormhole dude, don’t like going into wormholes anyways (I’ve got better things to fit in my highs than a probe launcher).

That said, the concept of rolling holes feels stupid to me. I know it’s a critical part of wormhole life, and so it’s there to stay, but when WHs first came out they should have prevented people from rolling holes so that it was never something that worked its way into every-day life.

Holes should have no mass limits, static time limits. ■■■■, if we’re talking sandbox, get rid of the size limits. You wanna push 500 dreads into a hole, go nuts.

But like I said. I’m not, and never will be, a WH dude.

Anchor on both sides of the whole, is warpable, and does not effect the mass limit? Sounds fair, useful to extend a hole’s lifetime past the 16hrs. But it’s going to get rolled away at downtime so there’s limited use for it. And a couple of hot BS are still going to roll it.

i think this could be a great content provider.
It should be needed to placed on both sides.
Give it a reinforce timer but just one. Like a depot.
also it should need fuel for compensation of mass / time.
This way it can be controlled how many can pass.
Is it out of fuel or gets killed and the hole is over its natural time it closes immediately.
to reduce the use you should only allowed to use one of this things each system like the JBs
That way it can only stabilize one connection between two systems.
It should not be allowed in HighSec, that way it is away from new players and also can not be misused as a highsec shortcut.

just think of it as a chance to get fights over the thing. Some would want to clean it up to remove the hole. others will use it for strategic operations or maybe logistics between systems.

Yes i know about the idea of wormholes and the good thing about limited access to the systems. It would still be there. You just have the Chance to expand one connection. And especially in w-space you have often more then one. But as all things they change a little bit but its a question of how you use it.

This is a major ‘core’ change to wormhole function and so I would say, either you like wormholes or you don’t.

Choose wormholes or choose some other place to play the game.

No way, -1, there is no problem with WHs.

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