Wormhole altering deployables

I had a few ideas for deployable structures that could modify the properties of a wormhole. I would like to suggest a series of structures that, after anchoring, would modify a wormhole. These specific effects are not my suggestion specifically, but here are a few examples:
-Slow or accelerate decay.
-Replenish mass.
-Increase/decrease effective mass loss by ships traveling through
-Increasing the per ship mass allowance to allow larger ships through (could even damage the wormhole if too convenient.)
-Relocate a wormhole to mess with someone who scanned it down previously.
-Sensors that alert owning corp of jumps.

Obviously they would need drawbacks. The easy one is allowing only one modifier to be on it at a time. The structures would also be destructible as is the nature of deployables, but you could further counterbalance them by the use of fuel (maybe even fuel blocks) to perform their functions. Players on either side of a wormhole could destroy the structure and possibly even steal the fuel out of it so these structures would need to be guarded while in operation. If they were to use fuel, they should be recoverable after the wormhole decays.

These could allow for a wormhole corp to keep a valuable connection for a longer period of time. Or they could allow an invading corp to field a single capital ship in an invasion of a wormhole that would normally not support such a ship (even if the capital ship is stuck in the hole afterwards.)

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