Wormhole stabilization tether beacons, Wormhole Gate Gantry and Station

Think it would be cool to be able to Stabilise a wormhole entry both temporarily and more permanently.
Creating a new set of gameplay and Benefits to holding both a system and a Wormhole.

It would create a new set of infrastructure to fight over. Killing an alliance tether or gantry would leave their Wormhole operations to lose in space until they could find and stabilize another entry near them.
It would allow better access to some Wormhole resources for the construction of ships.

It would create a more gentle beachhead for players to get into wormhole gameplay.
At the mo, it is kinda all in or not. Lots of players have never touched Wh space because of this.

I am thinking there will be 2/3 levels of connecting. Starting with a Beacon on both sides that has maybe enough EHP to hold off bombers or battleships for 15min And a max life of 2 days.

The gantry is next. Once a beacon has been active for 24h a gantry can be built around it.
This has an Astrahuse level of health and a 24h timer. once built however it can lead to drifter encounters in the host system. As while stabilizing more permanently, it has no ability to regulate traffic.

Finally the Wh Gate station. A significant infrastructure with the ability to regulate traffic through it. (If it ain’t blue it ain’t through). It also provides the ability to increase the size of the transit horizon to allow capitals and has some standup defenses and fortizar-like timers.

I do like the idea of stabilizing wormholes.

On the other hand, I’m afraid this might turn wormholes into an extention of null sec empires to be farmed without some major risks that wormhole space commonly poses, such as the risk of having the hole between your farm hole and home to collapse (is stabilized) or having your home attacked and evicted (is not in wormhole space at all).

In short, it seems like stabilized wormholes give null sec empires access to wormhole rewards with fewer risks. I don’t think that is an improvement.

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Maybe wormhole stabilizers could be a thing but not permanent? Like you hook up the stabilizer and you increase the lifetime/mass limit. I would make the fuel requirements for the stabilizer increase over time. (you want 1 more hour, that’s like 2 fuel blocks or something, you want 10, that’s 200)

So what are the benefits?

Whole idea is against core gameplay of wh’s. Randomness and ability to “create” content by hole is control reason why many groups decide to live in wh.

I suggest you actually start playing and spending some time in wh space before proposing changes to gameplay you don’t have experience with.

I don’t think this is true. In theory, I’m kind of drawn to the idea, but in practice I believe it will just turn wormholes into nullsec sov.

Perhaps CCP could add more wh systems that could float between being null sec claimable, using the systems you describe in the original post, and pure womehole systems. That way you’re not changing the gameplay wormholers enjoy, and also giving the null blocks some more space to play with.

Might also be able to include an ‘extreme’ overload mechanism whereby super sustained temporal triglavian-like tinkering (on the order of months) may prevent any new wormholes (also disable gates if connected to k-space) and regular anoms from spawning (either for a few months to possibly permanently).

This would render both connected systems barren and cut off from anything, thus shrinking New Eden ever so slightly.

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