Wh alliance LF small wh/pvp corps

Celestials In Space is a WH alliance. We are currently residing in a c2 hs/c4 and are on the lookout for small to medium sized pvp focused corps to join us in wh pvp shenanigans.

We are a US/UK based alliance with a focus on pvp with pve/mining to a lesser degree. Currently we are in the market for 10 People+ (not toons) pvp corps with or without WH experience.

Our goals:
-Fortizar and capitol support for maintaining system security and setting up a market for us + blues to utilize during wh pvp etc…
-Secondary PvE hole (c4 w/c3-c4 statics) in works
-Consistent Content via PvP, (wh, low, null) and sites
-Maintain a small - medium sized alliance with growing stats after an initial 6 month preliminary formation period.
-Acquire the ability to invade/evict c4 WH with fleet deployment capabilities

We offer:
-Consistent Material to play with (ie: sites, pvp, etc…)
-Experienced leadership ( goes back to 04)
-TeamSpeak voice comms

  • Vippy mapper
  • Buyback Scheme
  • Ability to grow your corp to a decent size in a home where everyone has eachothers back

If interested mail Iiniku to setup an interview.

Thanks for your time,

Can I contact u via coms

Bumpin on up…

Bumping on up… In need of more killers. Hit us up to continue planning your future…

I have tried to find you in game and have had no luck. Will you be on in a while.

Bumping on up… LF more pvp’rs and experience WH pilots hit me up for more info.

Bump for the day…

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