[WH - C5] The Foundation of Friendship Uniformity Civility and Kinship - US TZ - New player/casual friendly wormhole corp

The Foundation of Friendship Uniformity Civility and Kinship - US TZ - New player friendly wormhole corp looking to expand and poorly train young wormholers

Are you new and want to try Wormhole space? Are you not new and want to try wormhole space but don’t have thirteen alts, 185M sp, and a desire to be good at this game? TFFUC is here for you.

What we offer:

  • C5 with C3 static

  • Government like training - you will be completely mediocre at wormhole life

  • Guidance for new players

  • PI

  • Small gang PvP with ships provided by the corp

  • Isk making opportunities using corp provided ships

  • Welcome to come and go from the hole as you please to enjoy other aspects of eve - Will be doing direct enrollment fleets for fun and LP.

Current goals:

  • Assimilate a few more active pilots and develop good corp cohesion

  • Make isk

  • Take fights, lose most of them (Then go back to the above step)

  • Be good stewards of the wormhole community

  • Make friends along the way

  • Lose a wife along the way

  • Have fun, it’s just a game

  • Rage roll without a roller being trapped on the other side with no probe launcher

What we are looking for:

  • Laid back, looking to have fun and not take things to seriously

  • People who don’t play the game like it’s their job. We want people who have families and lives outside the game, who understand that not everyone can play every day, and that sometimes people can only play a few hours a week.

  • Train a few doctrine ships so we can look like we had a clue

  • 5 million SP


  • Working Mic

  • Log in now and then, maybe attend two ops a month

  • Take the good fights, take the OK fights

  • If you are in the Hole you are on discord

  • Ability to do a piss poor job following bookmarking conventions

If this seems interesting to you, join our discord and say hi.


Come join us. Got a new pilot moved in. We ran a few sites and huffed some gas.

Still huffing that gas! Come join us.

Come join us and get in on the our first of many Sunday Funday Kinky Kiki yeet fleet. Ships provided by the corp.

We’re not going any where but you are. Make us your destination.

It’s Saturday. Almost Sunday. Join us, get a kiki(for free) and come for a Sunday night roam.

Happy Monday!

Its Tuesday. Come join us. Beers Friday.

Mid-week bump!

Showing a returning player the ropes tonight. Made some isk last night, learning to scan tonight.

Sunday :smile:
Monday :frowning:

Almost Friday! Come join us as we take on new members. Tonight a few of them get to learn how to roll a hole.

Basing a POS right now! Don’t sign up for this, it is boring work. Join for the fun stuff like POCO bashing instead.

Bump - Had a great three hours of fun fighting wingspan, than fighting with wingspan against a third party. Come join us!

Sunday Bump!

Monday Bumpday!

Friday Bump! Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Sunday!

Confirmed, government-like and entirely mediocre training but we do have fun! Come join!

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