Wh corp recruiting?


Looking for a small to medium sized wh corp to join and to stop being a solo player. Move to wh long
term instead of daytripping. Experienced: won’t need to teach me how to setup my overview or use tripwire, or dscan or w/e.

Have flown with Signal Cartels Anoikis Division before, they are cool cats, always will be blue to me.
Returning now to the game and would like a corp where I can shoot back if ganked. Not that I get ganked much.

Western Canada TZ, 40 yrs old.
Like beer, cool people, British humour.
More of a lurker, not a talker.
Have mic, haven’t tested it since I bought it though.
Fluent in tech. No hand-holding required.
I could be on at any time day or night, depends. I have like 3 jobs. 1 gig, 1 under table, 1 sorta
upstart business, experimenting.

Skilled mostly SoE ships, drones, explo-skills.
Can fly Cheetah, hurricane, astero/strats (can’t afford to lose strats tho)
Can fly Matari Interceptors, kinda pointless now though with interdiction nullifiers.

Was aiming for the Nestor.
I know its bad. But I want to.

Tell me of your corp!

Hey I see your post hasn’t gotten a comment in a few days, I’m not going to recommend a specific corp but I can give you some help in your search. First you might have better visibility over in the recruitment center @ISD can move your post. Check the adverts there and make sure your tz lines up with corp activity.

Second, I think you should consider if your expectations are going to line up with how many wh corps operate. Almost every corp will want members on comms with a working mic while in the chain. Most corps will also be more pvp focused, wanting to be the ones doing ganks or finding fights. It’s my understanding that signal cartel can still fight back if attacked, if you don’t plan to be an aggressor no reason you couldn’t still fly with them.

You mentioned not being able to afford a Stratios. While that ship is a bit overpriced currently, many corps will have 300 mill T2 cruisers or faction battlecruisers as entry level fleet ships. These should be affordable by a combination of hacking sites, gas, and sleeper ratting. Different corps have different expectations for sp and isk making level.

Hopefully this helps you get an idea what wh corps are looking for, good luck!

Cartel can’t fight back, unless its fireworks!
I decided to make my own corp, with hookers and blackjack.
Also I learned today that your corp has to be 7 days old to anchor a POS.

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