WH Mass

Has the mass for WHs changed? using the chart below i tried rolling a fresh B274, did 4 hot passes with a higgs rigged raven and it only reduced rather than rolled

or am i misreading this, should i do 2 hot and 2 cold and then if it is reduced do the options below that?

I haven’t rolled wormholes (on purpose anyway), but I think you did indeed misread the chart and that this:

is what you need to do.

It seems to be a kind of flow chart; first jump two cold, two hot (for that wh type) and then follow further instructions based on whether the hole was reduced or not, and whether you want to roll or crit.

What did that poor WH do to you?

Why do you assume wormholes don’t like being rolled?

Who likes getting rick-rolled anyway?

You are misreading it:

The WH has a mass of 2000 ± 200 Gg

Your BS has a mass of 200 Gg cold, or 300 Gg hot.

So 2 hot+cold passes put exactly 1000Gg through the WH.

  • If it destabilises this means the original mass was less than 2000 Gg, so now there is 800-1000 Gg remaining. Two cold one hot = 700 Gg, so is safe. The last hot = 300 Gg and will collapse.
  • If it doesn’t destabilise it means the original mass was over 2000Gg, so now there is 1000-1200 Gg remaining. Three hot = 900 Gg, so is safe. The last hot = 300 Gg and will collapse.

Thanks @Trevor_Dalech i retried and works as you say

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