[WH-MERC] HOLES: Holesale Operations - [HOLES] 🦞


(Nykke) #44


(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #46

Are you not the group that pulled it’s keepstar down and robbed it’s own members of their assets when Lazer Hawks were coming for you! … sounds like a solid group.

When you’re playing in the ‘big pond’ you need to be able to stand toe2toe with the other big fish, not run and hide.

(Nykke) #47

1 /10 at least there was a trolling attempt

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #48

Sorry wasnt meant to be trolling, can you explain which bit is a troll?

  1. The pulling down of your Keepstar
  2. Keeping the loot and not out right giving it back to your members
  3. Running scared because Lazer Hawkes were coming to take down your Keepstar
  4. Are you saying you can go toe2toe with the major players in WH space such as Lazer Hawkes / Hard Knocks

(Harold James Holt) #49

Bob hates it when you unachor your own keepstar. You make bob mad. Expect bob to be extremely unforgiving in the near future! Also bob hates higheccers and people working with rmt/botters

(Nykke) #50

sure make more 1 day old accounts that will sure prove your point :wink:

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #51

I am not looking to prove a point its a simple question(s)… but I guess you’re avoiding the question is it a little close to the bone because being an ex HS member nothing was returned to me and the same goes for a few of my other contacts both in and out of HS

(Nykke) #52

sure u were babyburns

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #54

Pfft another HS scrub avoiding the question.

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #55

So @Nykke are you going to answer? or just avoid the fact you scammed your members then when the first decent group comes after you, your first act is to take down your Keepstar down.

(Nykke) #56

If u really were in holesale you would already know babygirl.

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #57

Still avoiding the question(s) I guess thats admittance.

And no i’am no long in HS, I left some time ago when you got scared of LH and pulled the Keepstar down. Seems you too are bored of WHs seeing as your alts are in piRAT back to camping Jita 4-4 eh

(Nykke) #58

whatever you say babyburns

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #60

Sup Ozy, I bet you got your cut, get back to recruiting nubs. a

(Ozymandias Sparious) #61

if i got a cut then why am i poor…

(nightmarefiend) #64

Just a reminder that lazerhawks takes contracts to defend just before stomping all over the defenders and laughing at the.

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #65

Still no direct answer to the questions.

I find it interesting how you people go around thinking your the best at what you do… ‘evicting people from wormholes’ yet you panic when LazerHawkes came after you.

(Saeger1737) #66

It’s “Came after you” and these guys are in love with khromius and Natural Clonescammer so of course they will run with their tails firmly placed between their legs.

(Dr Drake Ramorayy) #67

@Saeger1737 thanks for the correction… not sure who you are, but it sounds like Khromius and/or Natural Clonescammer touched you in a naughty place so lets keep this on track.

@Nykke no comment on your position in the WH world or do you accept the fact that you cant play with the big boys.

(Nykke) #68

bump ill take the few day old trolls as a sign we are doing something right.