❄ [WH] PvP Corp Whiteout Looking for More US/EU Pilots

Firstly I would love to show off our recently revamped Landing page for our corp. You can read more about us and have all relevant links in one place. Although we are all official with our nice website, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We are a pretty diverse group with people from a dozen different countries and we love to get in fights and fly with each other. We are usually probing out with hunters to find content so even newer players can join in scanning or backup. And loot goes to the scout. We don’t have restrictions on what you can fly, we just want you to join the fun and fly what you like. Although a cloaky and a ship to catch reps are pretty useful!

Our C2 Nest has HS/C3 so we have easy logistics, a good chain for content, and often holes that roll into us to explore. We do require being on TS for communication just like most groups. There is a lot you will miss by not being able to hear whats going on, and can you really feel part of a group if you are not chatting with them?

We have perfect PI, 0% tax, and use pathfinder to keep everything pieced together. If you haven’t checked the website and are still reading you can head straight to discord or join in-game channel ’ WI Barracks’ to chat with us.

Fly frosty

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