What a lovely community we have :(

O.o I think I posted it twice in Jita - Thanks for the comment though! :frowning:

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what did you expect?


True true… it takes a certain kinda person…

Im suprised they actually saw your posts. Jita local normally scrolls waaaay to fast for me to read :rofl:

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I know right!!! maybe i posted it at the exact moment when someone was clicking on a hyperlink for an overpriced Ragnarok or something xD

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OMG I know what you mean. I hate people who spam stuff in Jita local too. Is Arvid B your main chars name? I think we can get a long well.

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Jita Community :rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too funny, best joke in ages.

I agree with Arvid. ■■■■ off with your video spam or any ■■■■■■■ spam from local for that matter.


But… but but… I didn’t spam it :frowning:

Posting in local in Jita is spam by definition. And you posted it twice, which is once more than needed = spam.

Jita local is pure stage 4 cancer. Why do people even bother posting things in local. If you are a spammer, scammer, or similar douchebag, you get instantly blocked anyway…

Well, he clearly clicked on my video and might have even watched it :smiley:

…to spam out of context crapola :rofl:

This game would be greatly improved if all out of game links were disabled in chat.


A: It’s not spam
B: It’s not out of context :slight_smile:
C: yes, can you imagine if they removed links from Jita local? <3

Anything to the internet is OCC, Earth doesn’t exist in New Eden.

And not all links, just links to the internet. Links to scammers contracts we still NEEED :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A miserable little man contacted you from Jita. Live your truth, Alice, and link whatever you like. I am sure your contributions to the community amount to more than what that wormy little nobody has to say. He’s probably mad his life didn’t turn out the way Mom promised it would, so he makes sure everyone knows it


Seems like your vid harvested some Jita local tears.

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Imagine how angry that guy is the whole time when he sees that almost everyone is spamming in Jita local all the time.

Looks like this salty newb is gonna need to learn about the block feature for the first time.

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Soooo I just made a new Eve Online video and posted it on the forums and it was flagged as spam and removed? lol.

Told you it was spam.

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