What are the main hit and run small dog entities today?

(Shinobi Jonin) #1

By hit and run small dogs I mean entities that hit on larger stronger entities in limited engagements.
Preferably would like to know of entities that have a good balance between being too risk averse and total gung ho.

Tried to read up on forums but the smack is even worse than it was back in the day so no use trying to decipher anything ;O

(Nyx STeeLGamers) #2

Great question. Please lemme know when you find out. Also looking for something similar after returning last week.

(Commrade Yuri) #3

Look at the ISMON KB we are small gang specialists. Looking to bolster EU and US TZ.


(Lugburz) #4

You mean groups like tuskers? IIIIIIII? or maybe suddenly spaceships?
Theres a few of them about even some channels of people who do small scale roams; what style of pvp are you after though? things may have changed a bit since you last played… also what timezone are you?

(Aslon Seridith) #5

Look us up :slight_smile: we do hitt n run in low sec near providence and nullsec in the north

(system) #6

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