What are the still-standing decent third party tools?

(Grayclay) #1

When I last played, EVEHQ and Isk Per Hour were the best combination of asset tracking & industry research available. Both have basically fallen by the wayside, and I’m having a hard time finding anything that can take their place.

What are generally considered the best asset tracking tools and manufacturing/invention planning tools out now?

(Krysenth) #2

evehq is being actively updated currently i believe.

(Kiddoomer) #3

https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk is still working too, lot of tools for industry, although its online only.

http://eveplanetaryplanner.com/Download.html this is for PI, a desktop application to setup planets, not finished but the last version was working pretty well for me

(Tipa Riot) #4

https://eve-industry.org/calc/ plus the ingame simulation while in Jita is all I use.

(system) #5

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