What are you eating?

coffee and Copenhagen ftw

I like pickles even without extra fat.
Salty, sour, sweet, everything in perfect proportions. :ok_hand:

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Yep, don’t forget your daily coffee injection, all!


What I would like to eat now :heart_eyes:


Had some cereal - raisin Bran crunch :grin: but I’m having this bad craving for red Curry. Plan to satisfy that craving on my next shopping trip.

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Meat feast pizza cooked from frozen. Still eating it atm


Tonight I cooked chicken and chips



Celebrated USA Independence Day —

Hot Dog - with extra pickles
Fries / Chips
Apple Pie slice

Why not?

H. Lee


Prosciutto e Melone. :bacon::melon:

fruit soup

Sausage. Pork, dry type, very smoked, greasy, with black pepper grains.

haribo soup

What? How you make it?

i get the haribo tangfastic
and the haribo scaremix from halloween
because they taste really nice
and then i get green dr witt to make it healthy
and put it all in a bowl and its haribo soup
im thinking of adding some ice cream next time

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microwave burger

I am eating a lot of grilled sandwiches.

How I am doing them: I put two slices of bread on the electric grill, one thin slice of butter on top of every slice of bread, then I put some meat on top and slices of tomato or red paprica on top of meat. I grill it for a minute or two. It tastes a lot better than not grilled version.


pineapple sorbet


My wife brought home a huge chunk of lamb with a bone in it. Maybe a shank? Anyway, any ideas for recipes for it would be appreciated. I figure we’ll eat it in two rounds. Round 1 - Charcoal grilled. Round 2 - The leftover grilled stuff stewed in a curry or something like that. Anyway, any ideas highly appreciated!

5 Great Spices for Grilled Lamb They say here its good with rosemary or cumin. :slight_smile:
I have never eaten lamb before. Cant even imagine the taste.

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