What Artillery Ship is better at Blowing up Logi Close?

Against close Basilisks and Guardians, are Hurricanes with tech II 720 guns with only 1 tracking computer or Tempest Fleet Issue with 1400s with only 1 tracking computer? Obviously, the answer depends on a lot things, but let’s make some (unrealistic) simplifications.

The target is 20 km away. As for why an artillery ship is that close to enemy logi, I have no idea, but I remember a post from years ago complaining that it took a TFI fleet 3 volleys to bring an Onerios to 30% hull before it caught some reps making it take 7 total volleys despite having enough alpha strike to blow it away in one volley when he saw the 800mm plated fit when it died. So despite logi wanting to stay away from the enemy fleet and an artillery ship wanting to fight at long range, apparently odd things can happen.

Another (unrealistic) assumption is that the prop module of the target is off, it isn’t webbed, or target painted. In other words, it has its “native” signature radius and orbit speed.

The TFI has a much larger DPS because it uses big guns. However big guns are usually pretty good at hitting battlecruisers and battleships while medium guns are usually better for fighting cruiser sized targets. The TFI also can hit at a range from much further away, but in this strange thought experiment, that doesn’t matter.

The Hurricane offers much smaller gun damage. However, it should not have application problems against a cruiser sized target unless it gets within 6 km. However, navy ships are usually very strong, and the hurricane is a t1 ship. Sure a t1 battlecruiser might be better than a t1 battleship at picking off cruiser sized targets, but can it be better than a navy battleship?

You want as high alpha as possible. Nados most likely and as many as possible. Although At 20 km you want close range high DPS in order to kill it quickly enough before the armor rep cycle lands. Armor apply at the end of the module cycle.

Every situation will differ, as with us as an example 30-40 nados struggle to pop just 1, 1600 plater afterburner guardians if ever. And if they do land a shot, the damage is fully repaired by the time the shoot again.

I feel like a Pyfa simulation could answer such a question much more easily than the forum, unless you see the forum as a way to crowdsource Pyfa simulations for you.

If you use artillery weapons you want this:

… while accounting for application of your weapon damage on the target profile.

And then add enough of these ships together so that the combined alpha damage exceeds the target’s EHP against your damage profile. (Or at least exceeds the EHP in their main defence system so that each volley bleeds through to the next layer, so they cannot simply repair it all)

If you want to alpha logi with artillery, you really don’t want to be at 20km, and you probably want to have a Huginn or two to acutally web them. A Vigil or two will also be nice.

Overall I suggest Tornadoes or Hurricanes to start. TFIs are a bit expensive to experiment on, and they are slow.

20x Hurricane (or HFI)
8x Scimitar (Sits off the main fleet)
2x Huginn (Sits far away at like 80km)
2x Vigil (With Huginns or further)
2x Sabre/Flycatcher (For bubbling escaping stuff or trapping)
2x Stork/Bifrost (For cheeky fleet splitting and command bursts)
3x Ceptor/Scout (Tackle and intel)
1x Hard Tackle (Jaguar?) (Capture niche target)

I have no idea how this 40-man fleet would hold up, but it might do work.

Yeah usually enemy logi stays far away from you so if you’re trying to get close, it usually will just go away and if you cna’t hit out far, you’ll never scratch it

You can fight at 60 KM with a hurricane

But the old munnin puts the range of a cane to shame

Guardians come in chains. Break the chain with ecm/damps. Then alpha monsters.

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A logi ships designation might be cruiser size but it actually has a sig similar to destroyers, you might want several Hurricane fleet issue or Drakes Navy.

The fact that you did this correctly makes me very happy.

:slightly_frowning_face: always on the logi…

You know, we have feelings, and we like to rep.

I love Scimitar, Onerios, Guardian, and Exequror pilots. I want the ones patching me and my corpmates up to live. But it’d be hard to save them if the things we shoot at keep getting fixed.

In case they are chaining, use ecm-bursts. They will mess up any logi in a chain. The Scorpion is the only ship in EVE which has a range bonus for ecm-bursts.
And if those are not in your budget, you can always fit a burst on an Ibis and still break the unfriendly logi.

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Indeed, we used a 10 man fleet of fast warping and aligning frigs with ew burst. We hit the logi and any spoolling trig ships.

Of course you need a good dps fleet to take advantage of the confusion you cause, we changed how we attacked from an almost mass burst to chain burst and landing at different points so they couldn’t predict our landings. They tried to counter with cruisers covering the logi but only managed to get one of us, it was a fun battle

Ah yes the Fozzieclaw!
Except with no arty…

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