Mordu's Special Unit in Belts

What’s the minimum level of DPS required to kill the Mordu’s units in the belts? Will a Hurricane with Gallium 720s do the job? This is nominally a 30 HP/S regen on that thing so it’s about 100 EHP regen per second, so it seems any battlecrusier can solo this, which sounds wrong since the last time I did this with a Myrmidon, I didn’t do enough DPS and I had to burn out of scram range and run away like a chicken (ok, I only had gallente Battlecrusier I, but if I can’t overcome regen now, I don’t think an extra 20% damage will help)

I’ve killed the BS with a cerb and I’ve killed the frig with an AF.

The cruiser I’ve done with HACs/BC.

It took quite a while to kill it with the cerb tho, but the cerb was never in any danger from the rat at least.

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Huh, so the frigate can be killed with a battlecruiser… I guess I need to to skill up

Oh wow you couldn’t kill the frig with a BC? Yea haha. What was your myrm fit?

A dbl rep fit should easily be able to do it.

I don’t remember the fit, I do remember I tried using a mixed batter of 3 undersized 125 mm hybrid turrets, a Heavy Pulse laser, and 200 mm hybrid. Feel free to laugh, I guess I deserve it. The Vespas did well since I had a omnidirectional tracking link and the hammerheads didn’t miss often but they did “chase, shoot 3 times, stop shooting, chase mode.” the light drones landed their mark but actually did less than the Vespas since the Vepsas hit almost as often for more damage.

When you said you’ve killed the cruiser with a battlecruiser I tried phased plasma with 720s on a Hurricane and it worked. Possibly because Minimatar battlecruiser was not Level I.

So I’m semi-confident of being able to handle the crusier should it appear. You think Drake, Missile Prophecy, and Hurricane can all do the crusier? I plan to use the Hurricane if it appears again, but I might see it in another system when I have other ratting ships.

yes I believe they are weak to kin.

I’m sure a drake or missile proph could do it easy.

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Ok thanks.

Just to let you know my Ammar and Caldari Battlecrusiers are NOT level I.

Edit: As in, they are above I, when I use a Drake and Prophecy, I will not be using the minimum piloting like I did with the Myrmidon

As in not trained yet?

No I mean higher than level I,

Caldari is almost IV and Amar is V

Oh yea then you should be fine haha.

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In Gal/Cal FW space the Mordu’s Belt Rat Frigates and Cruisers go with a focus-fitted Frigate. They are about the only PvE I do, but with a couple of small changes to the Riffy they can be solo’d. I can’t break the BC version though… :smiley:
It does take a little time, so you need to keep your fingers crossed about other players!
Weakness is to EM, so a similar fit as for Jackdaw hunting works, but swap the AAR for a T2 repper, and the BPC rewards are worth it.

Yea the whole time when I kill the BSs, I pray a dude doesn’t warp in LOL.

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I’m not surprised you can’t kill the BC.

Since it doesn’t exist.

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