The Best Low Sec Belt rats Mordu Special Warfare Units. Where to find them, how to kill them

I managed to get a pair of Barghest BPC’s in a lunchbreak with a reasonably cheap Hyperion that takes the Barghests (600mil loot eachLow Sec Secret? Mordu Special Warfare Units Featuring The Billion ISK Lunchbreak!) down nice and quick with no real danger of losing:)
Alpha’s can take down the Garmurs (50mil loot) in a T2 RLM Caracal, but I am working on an Alpha fit to take down an Orthorus (200 mil loot) solo, we usually use two alpha Drakes on them. Maybe T2 Blaster Ferox, we will see :slight_smile:
Any suggestions very welcome xD

Low Sec Secret? Mordu Special Warfare Units Featuring The Billion ISK Lunchbreak!


Done a few (3) in Low-Sec with a Sentry Drone Ishtar and some kiting / afterburner orbit (of drones), making sure to keep aggro on the Ishtar and not the Drones.

Done 2 with the same Ishtar with a slight refit for heavy drones and in the face after-burning orbit.

I was able to kill Barghest with 540 DPS Stratios, just 4 Ogres. 1 T2 armor rep was enough to tank it while orbiting on afterburner. Same results for Myrmidon, just 4 Ogres and 1 T2 rep. with 80% resist in kinetic. It took really long time, but was pretty safe.

Not sure which ship alphas can take to dish out 540 DPS.

This is a really good post. I appreciate it. I’m going to keep an eye out for these buggers!

As a side note… why does Mordus get all the love? Besieged sites and this?

For alphas, Vexor Navy Issue with Drones + Blasters can get to around 600 DPS fairly easily because of its double damage bonuses.

:slight_smile: These are the only rat I’m willing to hunt. I can’t break the Barghest, the the Frigate/Cruiser ones can be solo’d in a reasonably cheap (less than 8 mil Isk) Rifter. It does take a little while, and you need your PvP head on, if someone jumps you you will probably die as escaping the NPC takes a little time and some overheat!

The Riffy is T2 guns, but is still Alpha clone suitable. There’s a bit of module management required, but a reasonable safety margin for misclicks etc… :slight_smile:

Most fun Ratting I’ve found…

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