Low Sec belts ratting as an Alpha.. so much ISK and learn a lot too xD

Between the Clone Soldiers, the Shadow Serpentis and the occasional belt Mordu there is so much ISK to be made in low sec in a ship that will pay for itself almost instantly. You will also learn a lot about how to stay safe, stick up for yourself and get braver, wilst always being very ISK positive.
You can start doing this very early on in 0.4/3 in a 4 mil destroyer and the rewards just keep growing as you can take on the rats in 0.2/1.
Dipping your toe into low sec may just change the whole way you play the game, and if you are use to mission / mining / combat site income you will have a big smile.

Alpha Tech 2 Blaster Cormorant. Low Sec Prowling for Fun and Profit


Pays worse than level 4 secruity missions, but you don’t need a battleship… or the skills to fly one either. The fact you can do in such a cheap ship and still make good isk, makes it something to consider if your war deced as well.

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And, of much greater benefit than any bounties you may get, is that fact that sooner or later you will be forced into PVP…and from there, the journey has just begun :+1:

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Yes and the PVP will be much less stressful when it comes as you ship paid for itself with the first Clone soldier tag you got (in a 0.3) :slight_smile:
As I showed in the Coercer vid, if you can kill a clone, you can maybe kill a Thorax :slight_smile:
Coersive Behaviour. MY CLOSEST EVER FIGHT! Alpha goes to low sec. Eveing is Believing

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