Low risk way to do your Low Sec / Null Sec 3/10 escalations use an 'Alpha' Destroyer :)

Escalations out side of high sec can be daunting for many. But by using a ship that will easily do the job, but attract little attention you can make running them much more stress free :slight_smile:
And once you get more comfortable and savvy you can take your bigger ships in there more safely to run the sites you need the bigger ship for , win, win!

Alpha Cormorant DED 3/10 Serpentis Narc’ Warehouse. Low Sec Escalation Ninja

Why do you value webs so much on a small ship, do they make a big enough diffrence to damage application to be worth it?

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It is really about compensating for the lack of tracking if they do get close, it is not essential, but nothing would be more useful and it does help. This was the first time i took a dessie onto a 3/10. When I play it more aggressively I maybe use an invuln, but these vids are deliberately the safest way for newbro’s to settle and then go on from there.
Also my destroyers are always on the look out for fat belt rats in low sec and some require the web so it is handy. xD

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You have a MWD - how can they get too close? One pulse from that thing and you plenty far away again.

I only MWD if the dps is getting too much not just because some rats are close, I would rather kill them if possible and the web helps. I meant too close so they stretching the rails tracking. It helps and nothing else would really on this site and as said my fits may find other stuff to do while roaming. What would you fit instead??

Perhaps a tracking computer? Then you could swap scripts for tracking/range.

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Wont do any good if I find a clone soldier on the way there or back… they are too fast to keep in optimal without one so they can be killed as quick as possible. Tracking Comp would not be better for me on the site and no real use for anything else the dessies do. Please bare in mind that the vids give the context of the fit. The fits I use are mostly low skill, low isk fits to do the given job how I fly them, or some case simply in the ship I am in, optimised or not. This is all explained in the vids. I prefer to give players a starting point with a fit that will do the job, explain what to take into account and encourage them to experiment themselves. I think this is much better than showing them an great fit that does all the work and teaches them little.
I do usually discuss options as I am running the site, or any tweaks that might be useful after I have…

On a diffrent note, any plans to try out the drone boat destroyers like you have with the gun boats in your videos?

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Yes, I am :slight_smile: I have used a Talwar with the Minmitar alt for missions and some belt ratting and the Algos on the hunt (that was drone rotation madness), a Corax made a brief appearance but got pewwed by a Phoenix, but not til it had paid for itself x20. I will cover them in more detail, I find the raw dps you can get with low skill turrets takes longer to achieve with rockets / drones which is important for the low sec methods I ‘promote’ to newbro’s , but they certainly have their own roles and advantages too.

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