What Could Possibly Go Wr0ng [WR0NG] and Wormhole Sterilization Crew [C.3.S] are looking for new friends to whelp with!

WR0NG is a small, low class wormhole alliance (because you need an alliance for a cool alliance logo) consisting of a single corp, the Wormhole Sterilization Crew.

We’ve recently moved with the help of some friends and we’re opening recruitment!

We offer:

  • Free frigates to whelp!
  • The worst FCs you’ve never heard of!
  • Terrible advice from over-confident low SP players and bitter vets!
  • Merch! Buy that merch!
  • Wormholers BTW!
  • P.I. I guess?
  • Exploration!
  • A killboard that resembles a christmas tree!
  • No fucks!
  • A few Brits and a French dude!
  • Canadians!
  • Americans!
  • No lizard people!
  • Grr Goons!
  • Grr PL!
  • Grr NCdot!
  • TEST is ok I guess!
  • Voted “Most Likely to be Evicted” in 2018!

What we’re looking for:

  • Heartbeat!
  • Discord!
  • Mic!
  • Skillpoints!
  • New bros!
  • Laid back bitter vets!
  • PVPers!
  • Indy players!
  • Explorers!
  • US and / or EU TZ!

No spies! We got a guy who is off his meds and he WILL. CHECK. EVERYTHING. You’ll have to submit to the standard ESI background check. Its pretty typical.
■■■■ it, if you are a spy apply anyways, we need the numbers.
Join the in game channel WR0NG Recruiting to ■■■■ talk us or talk about joining.


Due to a drunken trip into Geminate someone came across an unclaimed system called WH-2EZ… WormHoles 2 EaZy?! We took it for the memes, and quickly realized we could / should go for the whole constellation. We have no idea what we’re doing and we’ll probably lose everything we’ve put into it but whatevs.

Still open for recruitment. Come chat with us and see if we’re a good fit for you.

Still recruiting. We’ve already gotten a couple new suckers great friends to join. Come check us out!

We’re still actively recruiting pilots of all skill levels. We’ve even managed to trick convince a few to join!

We’ve recently ■■■■ up our killboards! Come chat about it!

Still looking for new freinds. Come check us out.

Still shitting up zkill, but having a lot of fun doing it. Come check is out.

We’re still very much open to new recruits of all skill levels. If you’ve ever thought about trying out wormhole life there are better groups to learn from but none as fun as us.

Still recruiting! Come chat with us and see if you’d like to explode like we do.

Recruitment is still very much open. Come chat with us in game and see if we’re right for you. We can help you with your Vyrage flow!

Still recruiting … killboard is red af and we don’t care.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! Check our killboard, its absolutely atrocious!

We’re still recruiting! Need more meat in the hole!

… That’s what she said.

I think I might be just the piece of meat to stick in that hole!
… Hit me up in game and we can see if we are a good fit.

Still looking for fellow wormholers btw.

We’re still heavily recruiting, come chat with us.

We’re still recruiting. Remember, no lizard people!

I’m might be interested if you are looking for a covertops pilot. im able to scan down wormholes, I’d like to try out combat and run sites. I will be online Wednesday. I will message you if you like.

Might’ve missed you on Wednesday, mail me in game.