What do the species of human look like?

There is Jove, standard, drifter and triglavian. What do you think each look like?

I am talking about height, shape, skin color, and distinctive features. Even standard humans and capsuleers could look different 25000 years from now.

Most races in the game have appearance descriptions, though I guess mostly found in various eve wikis now. Generally, humans look still like humans unless they are augmented in some way according to various chronicle artworks and of course, player avatars. The “new” bloodlines for some reason all have asian features, most others are caucasian, but Brutors I think are generally dark skinned and tall, lorewise. It’s implied that Minmatar are appearance wise the some of the most varied factions in the cluster, with possibly having (evidently quite strong) Maori, African and Aboriginal Australian heritage in various bloodlines.

As for the jove, they look a bit like the Drifters, except most with less augmentations. There is an old description of their appearance though:

Jovians have a very strange appearance. They are mainly between four and six feet tall, and their skin is a grayish yellow, their veins clearly visible. They have also lost all hair on their bodies, their features are very softened, and their pupils are much larger than those of most humans, to the point that their sclerae are nearly impossible to see. Female Jove have pupils that are a little smaller, making their sclerae visible, if barely. The Drifters have many implants all over their bodies, their sclerae are black and their pupils a brownish yellow.

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I’m pretty sure that Triglavian look like common people of New Eden, but with more augmentations for living in dangerous Abyss. Their suits in some way may be their first defense point against hazardous environment. Somehow they remind me quarians from Mass Effect franchise. Also, it seems there is no habitable planets in Abyss (from what I saw), so I’m wondering if they live on asteroids or on stations.


Three small men exited the shuttle. Each of them wore a tunic-like uniform of fine materials, light-brown and gray in color. Although they were definitely human, they looked very strange: their skin was pale grayish yellow, almost transparent, with veins clearly discernible. The heads seemed abnormally big, but otherwise their bodies were thin and feeble-looking. Pirkotan couldn’t help the uneasiness he felt by looking at them. The three men walked towards Pirkotan and one of them, walking in front of the others addressed Pirkotan. “Greetings, Caldari officer. I’m Anu of Jove and these are my aides Yed and Elas,” the Jovian spoke in perfect Caldanese, with almost no detectible accent, his movements and gestures were lithe and graceful. Pirkotan wondered where the Jovian had learned such good Caldanese.

Although they were definitively human, they looked very strange

Pirkotan caught himself staring into the pale yellow eyes of the Jovian

Some older avatars had eyes that were really bright.



Aparently dressed in some chains and ragged clothing the minmatar look exactly like slaves.Who would’ve thought.

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Im guessing that if there are no planets that they are really tall due to their being very little gravity.

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