What do you look for in a corp ad?

New players, if you’re looking at a corp ad, what do you like to see?

Not a new player but I recommend they look for specialization. Too many corps try to be all things to all people and it doesn’t work. You have a core competency - focus on that. There will be lots of new players interested in learning more about that career path.

Maybe you might glean some info from this:

What I dont like to see is “We are a generic cookie cutter corp that does everything from mining to WH to PVP to null to lowsec FW to exploration to trading to hauling to everything else this game has to offer. You probably saw this because I am sitting infront of Duripant spamming players undocking with corp invites. Please, join my corp. Please. I need the ISK from taxes, and friends, and need to sound cool and strong by talking to people who dont know any better.”

action and free stuff i imagine…
bloody millenials…

/me grumbles

Is your name “Lugburz” solely based on LotR or is name also homage to the first Summoning album? If former then respect but if both then respect +4

I think primary function…what will everyoneon be doing if i hop in comms is big. Too may corps advertise everything. If you mostly live in WH and do Indy dont asvertise you do everything even if you dabble or have some high sec miners and do FW occasionally…every ad seems to be everything which is forgettable. I’m less likely to join a WH corp advertising WH, 0.0, low sec, high sec…for instance just say your WH and why its appealing

Also, add your politics. Will joining your corp make me unable to join a major alliance, who are you connected to ect. It was a pain looking though corps, opening dotlan, finding out where you operate from in null, then matching it to politics.

The best advice I can give is small talk and reach out to people between spamming the ad. People just just spam ads are forgettable. People socializing I’m more interested with.

Also advertisers seem concerned that new players won’t join because they are not new player friendly, all corps are and the ones who are not dont recruit publicly. Again more noise in the ads

Just my experience recently seeking a corp

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