What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

But this just doesn’t make any sense. As we all know, null-sec is where all of the REAL PvPers live, and they are elite players with elite skills who love to battle other players like themselves, so I’m convinced that null-sec being “stagnant” is just a fake news narrative pushed by gwankbears in order to make themselves seem less like the blubbery griefbabies than they are. Sorry, not falling for it, but nice try though, griefer.


This is one of the absolute worst ideas for EVE Online I’ve ever heard right after creating a separate PvE server and banning ganking. We don’t need more arcadey theme park features, if you want rankings and dick measuring, that’s what zKillboard is for.


No worries - what most players know about game design, player motivation and gaming ecosystems would fit in a thimble… with room left over for your finger.

Players engage in games for a sense of accomplishment, for a sense of increasing their value or worth, for recognition of their accomplishments, to gain a sense of agency and power, and of course for sheer entertainment value - among other things. These are generally positive drivers that lead to more satisfaction and gameplay.

Some “other things” are schadenfreude (enjoying someone else’s loss), or the players who need to ruin someone else’s day or upset someone to feel validated, the people who need to punch down in order to feel a sense of victory, etc. These tend to be “negative” drivers where one players’ satisfaction hinges upon the dissatisfaction of one or more other players.

Achievable, visible goals; visible recognition for achievements; having a sense of competition with others even if it’s only in the “who mined the most? Who traded the most?” sense - these are all simple ways to achieve positive goals. Many numbers-oriented people like stats to juggle, and EVE has more than a regular share of those.

At any rate, many of the players who are positive-action-oriented abandoned EVE long ago. I won’t be surprised if a significant portion of the ones who’re left dislike those ideas. Survivor bias and all that.

The thing is, “a new golden age” won’t be brought about by the mainstream attitudes of those currently directing development of the game, or the players who favor the status quo.

If the current crowd was capable of triggering a golden age, we’d already be in it.


now this post has more views then acctive players in star scape :frowning:

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But your ideas are worse than those of these people who “don’t know anything about game design”. Seriously, pirate hats would work better than your leader board idea. Do you even play Eve?


Feel free to suggest any “new age” ideas you’ve got, that are within the limited capability of the EVE dev team.

Or, feel free to expand upon how having a visible top-15 ranking, by region, for kills, mining, trade, missions or hacks, would lead to the downfall of the game.

Or, you know, limit your replies to “gosh that idea is terrible” without having anything useful to contribute - like every other forum numbnut out there.

Also, forgive me for laughing, but “Do you even EVE?” is pretty hilarious coming from the guy less than 6 months old with “Literally everyone wants WiS” as his top forum reply.

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Ok, you gotta remember that you’re trying to talk to a person who at one point was bragging about “beating all of the loudmouth PvPers” by posting on an alt that they’d never be able to get, and was talking crap to PvP advocates on the forums by telling them that they were “too afraid” to go and play a REAL PvP game like Counter-Strike. Once you internalize these concepts, the context for the arguments makes much more sense.


Ahh, Destiny. Still so butthurt about the many times I’ve trashed your made-up nonsense with verifiable fact.

You’re most welcome to link anything I’ve actually said to support your current bout of made-up nonsense.

But then, strawmen are always the easiest foes to beat, aren’t they?

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" What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age"

Mott The Hoople.


I think the answer is simple, good advertizing!

As long as the NPE is sufficiently good, and the ads make it known that this game is hard, a good advertizing campaign is exactly what this game could need.

I remember how I got introduced to the game… from an ad while playing superhex.io!
Free caught my eye, and I was suspicious. Then I looked it up and saw what it had to offer (on Wikipedia). Despite my parents not liking me getting a game made by “CCP”, I assured them that even if it was the government of China, I used a seperate email/password for the game.


New source code. Ain’t gonna happen.
Mott The Hoople - All the Young Dudes (Audio) - YouTube

Something I have been thinking about for a while now … now don’t rip me to shreds as all I have is initial concept of this … All high and low sec systems live in a state of flux from the FW side of things and ganks and such.

If FW starts doing real good then the border starts to shift ever so slightly .

If a system gets enough ganking going on , That systems security status drops a little at a time.

As i said this is just a thought I have had and not an entire one at that…

rip away

If that was implemented, Jita and Uedama would become nullsec…


That would be good for the game.

that would kind of be the point to where outside of the “starter” systems the entirety would be in a state of flux. personally i think it would add an intense level to the game instead of having the same systems always the same sec rating

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And EVE makes you feel these things not through arbitrary point rankings, but through giving you the tools to set and achieve your own mid- and longterm goals. It’s not a game of instant gratification like you want it to be. It’s you who doesn’t understand EVE’s game design and how it motivates players. Just because it’s not what everyone else is doing doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

It’s niche and not for everyone because most people indeed want the pleasure of relatively quick rewards for overcoming relatively little challenge in a predetermined setting. And that’s okay. What you’re trying to do is to make it “popular” by changing its core design and identity, making it similar to thousands of other games out there. This isn’t what built EVE’s unique position and brand and not why I fell in love with it.

Your lack of understanding and respect of what EVE is/was trying to do is grotesque. EVE’s past golden age didn’t involve points rankings or Skinner box ■■■■■■■■.


CCP if you’re reading this - THE PRIMARY REASON I no longer play your game with the enthusiasm I once did is because of your endless nerfs.

What you call modifications to the game for the betterment of all, I call moving the goal posts. Far too often I would set sights on a goal and arrive just in time for the crass nerfs with no f’s given by you guys.

In a game where progress matters the most, you would think that it would be kept a holy relic in this game. Its part of the reason the PA developers piss me off so much.

(Also - their changes to indy have generally sucked.)


There’s a certain hesitation when it comes to all out wars, I’ll grant you that. See what happened to TEST after the last all-out war, and the “official” end goal of WWB2… There’s plenty of smaller conflicts every day, no shortage of those - just read the map.

Closer to the heart of the topic, it would probably be a good thing if sov mechanics weren’t so flexible as to allow renter space. The notion that nullsec has been conquered, and nothing is left for newer player groups to try, is not very far from the truth. Let them chase their dream again ! Get rid of renting, for starters.


More war, much much much harder to maintain space.

Its time to shake up null in a big way. A small group of players have won it and taken it away from the rest. Grats they won, now lets shake up the pieces again for them because they never will.