What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

Terribad idea, every time.


Plus a dash of removing edencom gate guns in HS

putting a definitive end to stream sniping, griefing and botting.

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This is 100% correct…

And I agree 100%…

Under new golden age you understand?
Getting rid of the forums - less communication
Getting rid of Alphas - less players (possibly omega in the future)
Not allowing anyone to shoot anyone until skills are over 5m - less fighting
No access to markets until skills are over 10m - less trading
Only allowed to access markets if in a corp - no solo players / less players

Hmmm, I don’t know.

If new golden age means more active players and rising economy, then:


  • I think this was a good step to attract new players (like me)
  • Alpha should have unlocked full skill tree and removed skill point limit - to let even alphas progress
  • To fly anything bigger than Cruiser you need omega, or buy some license
  • omega subscription should get better bonuses (extra PLEX/month, …)
    Think about it like subscription is not for everyone (causal player), but even Alpha can sometimes buy some PACK, or PLEX to support the game.
    It is not about playing for free (as some people thinks), it is about different financing (value for money)


  • better protection of hi-sec (more NPCs protecting the space?)
  • good for new player, to learn the mechanics
  • fighting is not fun for everyone. Let miners mine, explorers explore and traders trade.
  • for everything else low-sec and null-sec is here


  • add automatic gate protection system
  • it is lame tactics to catch ships coming out of the gate
  • even in real world something this strategic would be protected
  • maybe the protection could be destroyed, but NPC would come to protect and repair such a gate

[new player suggestions]

You’re such a bad troll Destiny…

Go run some missions or something.

But what if you could retain your apparel items and maybe SKINs too? :smirk: :innocent: :blush:

People love my ideas. Do they love your ideas? That’s right, they don’t.

Oh wait, you don’t even have any ideas. All you have is following me around the forums and spamming baseless accusations of me being a troll, without providing a shred of evidence to back it up.


It is about people who pay…subsidising those who don’t. There is no free lunch. Someone is paying for that lunch.

That’s why games like Farmville exist. Can I have all your stuff ?

I hate to break it to you, but Eve isn’t the real world. Do you write to Bethesda and tell them dragons aren’t real ?

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Promoting Corporations over Alliances when it comes to game perks would dramatically increase eve’s player count.

The only entity in the game that doesn’t need artificial bonus’s are the large alliances. They also happen to be the only one’s to get them.

Jump Bridges
System Upgrades
Custom Logo’s
Just to name a few…

Eve FORCES the player to join an alliance to actually participate in many of it’s features. Alliances are not bad; they just get all the enhancements when they need them the least.


It is not my stuff, it was just general. I like exploration + a bit of fight.
If you build a ship, don’t you need resources? Mining is important as well, you should not describe other people what is fun and I believe, that this game is not only about fighting, or?

The keyword here is strategic. I’m not talking, that eve is a real world, but IF in real world where Stargate, than it would be protected, especially in hostile environment. Same as airports are protected, military bases are protected, …
Protecting gates in Eve makes sense.

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Gate campers are protecting gates. Just not necessarily in your favour. That is part of the same ‘strategic’ that you talk about. Groups lay claim to areas of space, gates, etc. Feel free to go fight them in the name of honour, etc.


Hmmm, if you say it like that, then it makes sense. Protecting own space area.
In this case its fine.
Worse is it if the only reason to camp at gate is to catch everyone and the only sense is destroying other sips.
Maybe some kind oh hacking device could hack the gate and all approaching ships would get the message, that this gate is protected and you need permission to access.
For pirates, they would have to destroy the gate defense and the time, till it’s repaired would be their. With lover sec it will take longer for NPCs to come. Pirates could stop even those NPCs. Some Risk for pirates to control the gate would be fine.

You need to realise that Eve is not some perfect universe like the Star Trek Federation. It is a dystopian place…a world more akin to The Expanse or Blade Runner or something like that. Possibly even Deep Space 9 is closer. It is the very dystopia that allows for much of the gameplay…as we’d all otherwise have ‘The Federation’ breathing down our necks 24/7. Bear in mind that most of the major NPC empires are at war…and piracy inevitably arises. The collective police forces of Concord and faction police are stretched and are reactive only precisely because they are a collective force and have to avoid partiality.


Understand, good point.
It’s fine if it doesn’t ruin game experience of many for a joy of few :wink:

CCP decided somewhere around 2010-2011 that the “best future direction” of EVE was huge alliances getting in huge battles. I assume their metrics showed them something like, big alliances had the highest income-per-player, the most alts, and tended to interact more with the game. Plus CCP got to set world records and make the gaming news due to large alliance battles (and if something strokes Hilmar’s ego, you know it’s going to get major focus).

CCP completely forgot those alliances were made by people who joined EVE and fought their way up driven by the desire to “build their own empire” and play their own way. CCP also forgot the Microsoft lesson - that huge entities that absorb or eliminate all competition become ridiculously stale, inefficient and boring.

As you say, today the reality of EVE is, “Join this massive sandbox ‘play it your way’ game… and join an already established mega-corporation where you can be a number and do what they tell you”.

Yes, there’s still places you can solo and do your own thing and be successful in a very “small fish” way. The reality is that the EVE is designed and advertised in a way to attract the mavericks and rogues and players who seek “elbow room” - but then they fairly quickly learn you need to be a good little alliance line-member if you want to do much more than poke around in odd corners.

The wild west wasn’t so wild anymore once everything was fenced in and controlled. Golden ages depend on a certain feeling of “anything’s possible, and I can make it happen” (even if that’s more perception/hope than reality).

Best way to bring about a new Golden age is to break up the current “Rusting Iron Bars” age.


What one needs is new forms of player union that can overlap the existing rigid corp, alliance, system. This could be in the form of secret groups, actual unions, semi-religious affiliations…whatever. The point being that players from competing alliances might be in the same player union group. This allows for all manner of intrigue, subterfuge, and cross-alliance new groups to form spontaneously. And who knows…maybe even rise up.

What? Why would that be a bad reason? The loot from people they can catch is often the base income of any pirate corp. A gate is a spot from which you know that it will attract possible targets from time to time, so it only make sense to camp there a bit. And it is by far not without risk, camps were busted in all times, thats what baits are for. Thats the strategy part of the game.

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Resetting the server is such a horrible, lazy idea. It’s complacent nullsec vets fantasizing about going back to a long lost past without actually having to do anything about the blue donut status quo they complain so much about, but which they created themselves.

Without any significant gameplay changes, the pattern of power consolidating and stagnating will just repeat itself in a few years. This is a natural process with human groups if they’re allowed to form hierarchical structures and lay claim on resources, which is the heart of nullsec gameplay.

I know nullbros have a huge problem understanding this simple concept, but they’re not the only ones playing the game. Just because you are bored and don’t have the balls to actually stir ■■■■ up, bring out your capitals for a brawl, etc., doesn’t mean the rest of us should suffer.

Disgustingly rich vets aren’t the only ones playing the game either. A server wipe will destroy the achievements of all the little and medium guys who have already got a couple years of training under their belt but haven’t explored all the options yet and for whom going back to being a newbie would just be a massive upset and a chore. I’m not sure I’d bother coming back only to train Hull Upgrades to V again.

“But other games do it and it works!”, I hear you argue. One of EVE’s selling points was always its singular, persistent universe with its own player-driven history. I love the fact that I live in the same timeline and the same universe in which Sir Molle made his daring gambit to protect BoB’s first titan; in which The Mittani later destroyed his alliance with one brilliant political move; in which a statue immortalized Katia Sae as the first person to visit all star systems; in which The Guiding Hand Social Club carried out their legendary heist; in which the Titanomachy serves as a memorial to one of the greatest battles of New Eden.

All of this history would be lost forever and why? Because some bored null-dwellers were too lazy to actually do something about being bored in a game that is all about making your own fun. “B-but the bad Goons are too powerful and have won already” you say? Well boo-hoo, apparently they’re better than you at the game, deal with it. Start World War Bee 3, create a new alliance that will try to carve out its own space, or even ask for some major changes that will make things more interesting and upset the power balance (judging by the reception Blackout got, I don’t expect a positive response from nullsec’s playerbase to most such changes), or just go to wormhole space - no blue donuts there.

But don’t ask for something that will be a temporary fix at best, while destroying what thousands of other players have achieved in a universe that was designed to be a persistent sandbox, not a seasonal competition. Fortunately, CCP will never listen to you, but it’s still annoying to hear this touted as some magic pill for the game’s ills.