What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

Also there’s that EULA we all agree to before we can play the game that says any disputes players have with ccp must be resolved in accordance with Icelandic law.
One can see pictures online of Hilmar playing Football with the President of Iceland, and Iceland is proud of ccp as an Icelandic business. Somehow I suspect the Icelandic courts aren’t going to be working really hard to punish ccp because Joe Snuffy from Bumpkinville, USA is mad over his gamepixelstuff (|that he agreed ccp owns anyway).

However, you did warn not to read your post, I should have listened to you.

@Tzashrah_Praankar the gif you attached makes it near impossible to read your posting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However I managed and yes, I agree. I don’t believe anyone here in the US, is going to make the expense of a trip to Iceland, just to lose court no matter how much they spent on this game.

Today I noticed this “Pulse” image on the launcher and clicked. They basically recap the year 2022 and what they did to the game. Yet I am shown another “music video” of high quality space scenes while they run down the list. And once more I say to CCP, Honesty is the best policy. New users see that eye-candy and think that is game they are signing up to play, when we know otherwise.

Well…ok…but…here’s the thing…

The Armarr Emperor can go take a long dirt name for all Frostpacker cares,

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Server reset is always a terribad idea.

The solution is finding reasons to be in space and having creative ways to craft your own story.

The sad truth is most people actually can’t handle a sandbox game.


When was the last time you ever heard a slave complain about a lack of work?

This is not the issue and brings nothing to the thread worth exploring outside of back and forth banter.

Would rather steer towards suggesting a FC training course to offer opportunities for Capsuleers through the The AIR Career *Program

Does the FC bring their own skill set and then they’re trained by Alliance members only?

Is there a secret format that works that is shared? If so how does that message get out before the time is lost to extract skill knowledge from present great FC callers?

Could the The AIR Career *Program cover such?

Always felt like the flashes of conflict in eve is too rare.

  1. Gating is too safe with eyes n multiboxing being allowed.
  2. The need to scan down a warpable target n pray the target is afk.

Personally want the flashpoints to be more common, but also makes it so that once you are engaged, there are enough mechanisms to allow disengagement midfight.

For example I’m solo hunting in a kestrel n saw a venture mining. I wish I can scan ONCE the whole system, then warp to 0 on the venture. N engage the venture.

But! Make it so that the venture also has a module that if equipped , allows a lock picking mini game to pop up n if successful unscrams, and allows escape.

A point of conflict is created, a dance was initiated, and possible disengagement allowed.

Contrast that to what we have today
Hunter gated into system. Oh a venture. Gives up on probing/scanning since by the time scan was done, the venture would have warped to a safe point.

If it’s one single tweak I would really want, is to make a ship or etc, warpable on a single scan. Or even no scan. The current warp mechanics are very restrictive. Eg: I can see the enemy, but I can’t engage even the slightest. Bookmark dance n warp ensues. Then both give up


A Insurance system ingame that actually insures Ships for something that is close to their value. Maybe then people undock their ships more. Grinding back the 500 Mils for a the new ship you just were able to fly is no fun, for people who arent as rich as older EVE Players yet.


Getting rid of the forums
Getting rid of Alphas
Not allowing anyone to shoot anyone until skills are over 5m
No access to markets until skills are over 10m
Only allowed to access markets if in a corp

delete highsec

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This would get farmed as well.

Putting all the new players to sleep will REALLY improve retention.

:sleeping: :roll_eyes: :sleeping:


Their already there. So why not?

Sure, why not just declare bankruptcy.

That’s where CCP is headed with this strategy.

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We both know that. Thats why I’m having fun with it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And the numbers seem to be up! Maybe it is the way to go?

CCP lose entire NEW EDEN cluster data and reboot all again from begining :stuck_out_tongue: