What does production in a corporation look like?

I’m thinking of returning to EVE. Previously, just over a year ago, I was doing a lot ship building solo. Things like Hawks, largely from scratch - from blueprint research, to reactions, to building the ships. It was enjoyable but doing it all solo wore thin with no particular end goal other than more isk.

It looks like a lot has changed and I’d have to re-learn everything but I was wondering what doing production in a corp is like as opposed to solo? I have zero experience of production outside of my single character solo play. I guess better access to facilities (my old reactions place seems to have vanished)?


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Most players that are producing items (myself included) will only produce themselves and not really together with other people in a corp. Sure, they’re out there but most people have alt corps for production so they can keep everything easily transferable between their own chars without having to make trades or contracts all day.

That said, production on a corp level basis is practically the same as when producing on your own, just that you can close production orders from other people as well as the ones you’ve started (provided the job started from the corp hangar and ends up in a corp hangar). I also find it easier to keep materials seperated in hangers instead of containers.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an evemail ingame!