What does this mean CCP?

Does this mean that if I or anyone else were to steal an alliance through legitimate game mechanics, the ex owners can simply take their logo back?

IIRC the logos that CCP use are their own copyrighted version, therefore its designer has no more control over it.

Or was this done to either get people to shut up, or to get people banned?

In the 15 years of EVE, it’s the first time I see any action like this… is this the first of many?


Just one more step toward the WoWfication of EVE. Actions no longer have lasting consequences and if you just cry long and loud enough, you’re going to get whatever you want.


Designer tears. The most precious and elegant of them all.

But to be more serious, the OP’s got a point. It’s only up to CCP to decide what they want to do. Seems they’re doing it out of respect for the designer. Not the worst decision to be mad about.

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That’s exactly what it means. And that’s exactly what law allows you to do.

Besides, to my knowledge no alliance was stolen in the last 15 years like this. The few instance where an alliance was stolen, they were dissolved and thus such issues never arose in the first place.

Alliances were stolen before

Yet none lost their logo because the ex-alliance owner cried rivers about it

The excuse given there by @CCP_Falcon was that the logo owner requested it be changed hands.

Except CCP are the owners of the ingame logo, not the actual logo designer…



Put simply

CCP is not supposed to intervene in game
Unless it’s bugs or exploits…

What happened to the HTFU CCP, did it die with the Fair Play Alliance?

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They’ve been gone a while now. 5 years at least. Some of them are developing Starborne, which you should check out if you’re into 4X, btw.

Under our impersonation policies, it is not possible for two alliances to exist in EVE Online with the same alliance logo.

Consequently, if the original creator of an alliance logo wishes for a new alliance to use the logo, then the result is that it is removed from the old alliance to avoid confusion.

This is what happened in this instance.

While CCP owns the derivative logo, the original creator of the logo still dictates which alliance is permitted to use their work. Our impersonation policies then decide which alliance has the logo displayed within the game client based on valid alliance logo submissions.

There is precedent for this in previous years with several other alliances, most notably when an alliance was disbanded in a leadership dispute and was immediately reformed under a new and very similar name. The new alliance assumed use of their logo, and when the old executor of the original alliance came back to EVE and reformed it, their alliance logo was stripped and they submitted a new logo that’s in use today.

There is also precedent for alliances receiving logos before the six-month age restriction if they can prove that they have existed previously. This kind of logo replacement has been granted on at least a dozen other occasions.

Similarly, alliances that have accidentally been disbanded due to failure to pay bills have sometimes been re-established by CCP and had corporations re-inserted, or have been permitted to have an alliance logo transfer if they have been re-formed.

In all cases, there have been previous instances where these actions have been taken with other alliances.

With this in mind, we consider this issue complete and closed, and see no reason to discuss the matter further.

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