What expiration time is implied on an event accelerator if not in description?

I’m in a tight spot -

It’s about 3:30am Sept 14 Eve Time as I write this, and I just consumed a 48-hour accelerator. (24-hour, but I have Biology V) So it will go out of effect (elapse?) on Sep 16 around 3:30am Eve Time.

At that time, if I inject another 48-hour accelerator, it will elapse about 3:30 AM Eve Time Sept 18 - before the daily downtime. At that point, will the Extended (or any) accelerator I intend to inject have expired yet? Downtime will not have occurred (yet) on Sept 18th. I don’t want to screw up by injecting a Prototype on the 16th if that will push me past the expiration window, leaving me unable to inject an Extended.


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As I understand it, most things like this literally operate by the second. So if you activate something for 24 hrs, it starts a 86,400 second countdown. Which means it will expire in precisely 24 hrs.

So if you activate something at 3:30:01 then it will expire at 3:30:01. If you’re worried about overlap, then you need to wait until 3:30:02 to activate the next one.

I’m sorry if my question wasn’t clear, but I’m not asking about the time when the effect of an accelerator wears off.

I mean the time at which all accelerators from an event simultaneously becomes useless (and when their true value on the market becomes nearly worthless). The time after which, if you tried to inject it, even without being under the effects of a previous one, you would not be allowed to.

Previously in events, the description would say something like “Good until May 5th at 11:00:00”. Meaning, after that date and time, no one will be able to inject any accelerators. For this past event, they only mentioned a date in the description, so I don’t know whether to assume downtime, midnight, or some other time.

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As long as I remeber. U had the 24h ones and the 72h ones.

From the ingame description:
Expiry Date 2018.09.18 11:00:00

What is not clear about that?

Check the “Attributes” tab of the accelerator. It specifies the exact expiration date and time. Spoiler alert: it’s 11:00 (DT).

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I was looking on the Description tab which only mentions a date. I just noticed however that when clicking on the Attributes tab, there was a tiny amount of scrollable window left that was not in view. Sure enough I scrolled down and saw the full date and time of expiration - thanks.

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