Yoiul accelerator expiration question

I’ve gotten both answers to this question so I want to ask it again to get clarity. The following is the last paragraph of the description for the Yoiul accelrator:

“The compounds are only guaranteed to function until YC 120.01.30 at 11:00 New Eden Standard Time. After that moment, the cerebral accelerator can no longer be consumed.”

The first sentence might imply that any currently active accelerator, at that date / time, will no longer have its bonus applied. (The little white circle at the top of the screen will vanish.) However, the second sentence implies that the only thing that happens at that moment is that you can no longer inject the accelerator.

Can someone please confirm that as long as the accelerator is injected a few minutes before that cut-off, that the bonus will still last between 3 and 6 days (depending on one’s Biology skill level?)


The latter is correct. If you inject it minutes before DT, it will still count down its time after the consumption expiration has passed . The date limit is for consumption.


Thanks. This brings some much-needed piece of mind when planning the next few months of skills.

Uh, I’ve still got half a dozen expired crimson harvest accelerators in store. Is that garbage, souvenirs or will they recover some distant future?

Garbage. They make new ones every year for the new event. The only use is people try to scam with them throughout the year

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You might want to keep one or two as souvenirs; I like to collect the odds and ends (trinkets, inside-joke items, etc.) that have collected over the years. Other than that, as noted above - useless except if you want to try running a scam.

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