Precise expiration of event accelerators?

It’s been a few years since I’ve done an event. When an accelerator from a special event says something along the lines of ‘It will cease to function after date x’, does it mean:

  • It will expire during the downtime that occurs in the middle of date X itself
  • It expires during the downtime occurring on date X+1
  • It expires during normal uptime as the Eve clock rolls over from date X to X+1 at 00:00 time?
  • Something else?


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2021.12.07 10:59:31

this is the tetrimon cap booster II.

So on Dec 7, 30 seconds before downtime is when it expires.

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Expiry time also means the last moment you can activate it, iirc. If you activate it 10 seconds before it expires, you still get the full duration (modified by your Biology rank).

And keep in mind it shows EVE time, not your local time.


Understood on both counts. I save an extended accelerator until the moment when a) my current accelerator expires, AND b) There is < 48 hours left before accelerators expire (I have Bio V), hence injecting another potent would take me past expiration.

Basically during and after events I go potent → potent → … - final potent → extended, to carry me past expiration.


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