What glory to fight Triglavian alongside faction militia, and odds?

I never really thinked about joining faction militia forces, mainly because of the odds of suddenly becoming a target for all other factions, standing loss. Besides, I do not know what really the odds are and what PVE rather than PVP combat opportunity may give or take.

Someones knows better than me? I try to reformulate in simpler words.
I want to join militia faction only if I can kill some Triglavian in a EDENCON ship.
Can I bring my Harby? Will I get banned forever from entering Amarr -Minnie- Caldari - Gallente space forever ever after?

Does Faction Militia works like normal PVP fleet, with comms, or no, I don’t know.
Does Triglavian invasion also works with Faction Militia?

There’s more than one double sided possible answer to this question’s triplet.


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faction militia is FW thing and has nothing to do with triglavian invasions. Being member of onewill onlyallow you to shoot freely at members of enemy factions. You can leave it, and other empires rather won’t care. Even without leaving visit in the hisec space of enemy faction is at worst a nuissance - there used to be a squad of gallente FWers camping jita undock for example.

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So one could theoretically join a random fleet for Triglavian invasion being member of FM and nothing would happen or you get precise missions based on whoever is your captain, and if that means if they go to war with triglavian you’ll be an active player or is just a passive thing. Just stay there and watch those wonderful EDENCOm ships pop one after another in your nearby Triglavian invaded system that since yesterday was 0.9 decaying into some sort of laminal turbulence?

One could go into invasion system while being member of FW militia, and the only difference between him and literaly anyone else in the system is that if oposing militia member came to the same system they would be free to fire at each other regardless of effective security level of the system.

Unless, the system being invaded belongs to the enemy of your faction, then you may encounter nuissance of gate guns opening fire on You, but as I have mentioned thay are not the most effective at actually stopping someone from getting into the system…

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