What happened in 2014?

reported for racism and bullying

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Wild, considering I’ve done none of those :smiley:

Also, you posted a link. With a claim.

You didn’t correlate at all :smiley:

Thats… fascinating



Well let me put it this way:

In the year 2014, Sunday Night Football (NBC) was the most popular TV show, and Guardians of the Galaxy was the highest-grossing film** . 12 Years a Slave won an Academy Award for Best Picture which kind of explains why EVE fell off a cliff in 2014.

Accusing somebody of racism and bullying. You better have evidence as these are serious allegations.

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It’s a good job you don’t have to spend 500 plex to battle on the forum…

If this the highlight of the weekend then … Geez, it’s not looking good for us guys :frowning:

things happene…things happened…and in 2015, there was a certain demographic explosion in the world (except in Europe, over there, they blamed the cold)…

They say… the rumors…

Fascinating that Dust 514 was not payable on PC, I could literally have been logged into both while waiting for fleets or whatever. Unbelievably dumb decision there IMO.


CCP dont understand that the majority of player are PVE only.

make highsec 100% pve or lose more player :skull_and_crossbones:

ignorance kill the game

Look in a mirror. :roll_eyes:


Calling Lucas back “GANKERRRRRRZ”

here we go again boys!


Cry moar :smiley:


In 2014 CCP forgot where they put their Buff Bat and ever since then have been swinging their Nerf Bat at everything…

CCP’s response has always been the same as it is now: ‘Greetings Capsuleers, we have some great new changes coming up and we’re sure you’ll like them.’

Playerbase =


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