What happened in 2014?

reported for racism and bullying

Wild, considering I’ve done none of those :smiley:

Also, you posted a link. With a claim.

You didn’t correlate at all :smiley:

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Thats… fascinating



Well let me put it this way:

In the year 2014, Sunday Night Football (NBC) was the most popular TV show, and Guardians of the Galaxy was the highest-grossing film** . 12 Years a Slave won an Academy Award for Best Picture which kind of explains why EVE fell off a cliff in 2014.

Accusing somebody of racism and bullying. You better have evidence as these are serious allegations.

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It’s a good job you don’t have to spend 500 plex to battle on the forum…

If this the highlight of the weekend then … Geez, it’s not looking good for us guys :frowning:

things happene…things happened…and in 2015, there was a certain demographic explosion in the world (except in Europe, over there, they blamed the cold)…

They say… the rumors…

Fascinating that Dust 514 was not payable on PC, I could literally have been logged into both while waiting for fleets or whatever. Unbelievably dumb decision there IMO.