CCP's Changes

Many People have differing Ideas whether CCP’s changes are good or bad for the game, the simple thing is look at the player base numbers as a whole, and over the last year, Its (averaged) from 30k players to 20k so thats 10k players lost in a single year. theres your answer to CCP’s changes.


I dont think these recent changes are the kind that will keep, much less attract, players. :-1:


Thank you for the valuable feedback!

What kind of changes would you propose, instead of CCP’s changes? Can you make a list of 3-4 specific changes that you’d like implemented? Be as specific as possible.


True enough. The proof is in the pudding after all. However you’re about to get a rash of folks in here telling you it’s actually good for the game, it’s about quality not quantity, and the numbers drop is only because players aren’t willing to “sacrifice for the good of the game”.

Ah well, whistling in the dark has always held a certain attraction for some people.

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Your Right Jin, the thing is, if you go back 5 years, when eve had a player base of 35k on average, it looks even worse, because back then every player was a paying subscriber in one way or another. Now with alpha chars, the numbers could well be a lot lot worse.


Funny how on your post it says that player counts are at an all-time low, but when I check the link, I can see yesterday peaked at 30k players…

30k players? I thought we were at an all-time low? Looks like the “protest” was very effective.

Get out of my echo troll chamber with your sound logic and reason.


I don’t think Alpha is a bad idea.

I certainly wouldn’t even try a game that required me to pay immediately on day-1.

I Did State in Brackets Average, to stop replies like this, If i wanted to skew the results i could have picked set day or week, which is not the mean (Average) of the player count.

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Nah it’s cool, that’s what I’m here for.

Hell, I look at the PCU graph and still see an increase coming at the tail end of this year. It dips hard in July, but is coming back out.

PCU are horrible metrics to measure player involvement in a game of alts. Which is why I mentioned the “success” of the “protest” in that I bet CCP is very grateful for all participants for upping their numbers.

Seems like a useless metric and one that can easily be skewed against your argument.

You have no idea how many times I have seen that sentence over the last 15 years.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Downward slope of the curve over the years would seem to support that notion.


I think the latest spike is due to players logging on to show there opinions on the whole matter. If you scan the forums, there are a lot of posts of players stating i have not logged on in months due to ccp,s changes. And i want my say. Also I have been mothballing my assets, so if and when i dont want to bother to play anymore, everything is safe.

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Yes. Which means one cannot properly use PCU as a metric for players leaving since I am using the exact same formula to show players actually playing, even though the number itself doesn’t prove either claim.

I must direct you to Mr Epeen’s reply:

You have no idea how many times I’ve seen that sentence in one year, ie: “I am leaving because CCP! Look at x as proof!”

And I believe everything I read on the internet. :neutral_face:

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I’m getting somewhat of a downward slope myself here, since the OP keeps circle-jerking their alt, and is refusing to answer my question.

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I thought I told you to leave my echo troll chamber!

i tHouGhT I ToLd yOU tO lEaVe mY ecHO tRolL cHaMbEr!


Destiny I have seen your forum posts and well as Mr Epeens, over the years, there always the same ,they never ever change, there not objective in any way, they always have the same under lying structure. Back CCP no matter what, And demean any player that has an opinion against CCP. thats why I did not answer you.


Ah so we’re clear: it’s personal, not logical. Gotchya.

You leave my alt out of this!

I started this post with factual data, and now these few people are trying there best to disprove it, its just like the way CCP behaves, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good idea, lol. goodnight.