What happened to all my settings

i just log in after about 3 weeks and all my settings have reset to default
i bet its even reset my overview and keybinds
what happened

yup it reset my hud and my keybinds sigh

Happened to many…displeasure was had :frowning:

how can ccp stoop so low

'cos they don’t aim any higher?

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lol well i fixed it luckily i had a profile saved in the little launcher thing and it seems back to normal
that was close i was gonna quit the game forever

Over hud and keybinds? I dont think that would take too long to fix…

yeah but i dont like it when people mess with my things

open your launcher and next to your account name there should be a gear icon, there’s a chance your settings are saved in a different folder that isn’t the default one.

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