What happened to my cap pilots?

I took a few years off to deal with life. Now I come back and my cap pilots can’t fly the ships they used to. I know I lost skill points because I had some unallocated points on each of my chars. Wtf happened in the last couple years? It’s not just caps, a lot of the t2 and t3 ships I used to fly are suddenly unavailable. Any ideas here?

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Pull the ship up in the fittings window and it will tell you.

Are you on an Alpha account?


Either that or he was hacked (guessing because his unallocated skill points were used up) and had his characters entirely drained of SP.


Yeah bro, you were either hacked, or your ships and items are being restricted because you’re alpha status. Fortunately, what you’ve described makes me think it’s just the alpha status thing (alphas can’t use T2 ships, T3 ships, or Capitals).

Also, whether you were hacked or not, you should enable 2FA, use different (and lengthy) passwords for all of your accounts, never share your account credentials with anyone, and never give you email address to RMT’ers (or use RMT services at all).

Also, welcome back.


Was their any sp reallocation when they brought faxes out?

Edit- Nvm op is locked out of T2’s.

You know how you used to have to pay for a sub to play the game?

If you want to play it for real, you still do.


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