What Happened to Saturday Night Fever?

(Kaelynne Rose) #1

Its official. Today, Saturday August 12th has been the FIRST SATURDAY all year…

SINCE NOVEMBER 2016 when Alpha Clones came out…

That the max player count online on a saturday was UNDER 30,000 USERS.

First time in over 40 SATURDAYS THAT LESS THAN 30K users logged in at same time.

Where is the Saturday Night Eve Fever?
Isnt there the FIRST MAJOR WAR IN LITERLLY YEARS going on too?

I know we all arent out on the town clubbing it and hooking up with chicks…

Plus 1st major war in years?


Source edit: http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility

(Roksana Kolesnikova) #2

Maybe on vacation, lucky bastards… o.O

(Shailagh Rose) #3

Wonder how Sunday is gonna go

(Khergit Deserters) #4

Summer’s always slow in EVE. And right now is peak vacation/away from home time in the U.S., before school starts again in a couple of weeks. (Also, dark, nighttime EVE graphics and summer somehow don’t go together that well).

(Kaelynne Rose) #5

But summer has been going on for months now and this is the 1st Saturday that PCU was under 30k. Last weekend was just the same as last night. Yet now its under 30k for first time in over 40 Saturdays