What happened to the EDENCOM shipline?

First of all, lets look into past.

The new ships were teased first in the Q2 trailer, then, after a longer pause, they were teased again in two scope news videos (as a new tech built again trigs). After that, ships slowly started appearing on sisi with people figuring out what are these things actually for. Then, we have got a week long event, where every omega pilot got frig, cruiser, small and medium gun skill books. After this, Upwell sites in low and null sec have arrived for two weeks and tq has finally seen an influx of materials/bpcs and skill books for these ships.

Now the present time.

The Upwell sites have disappeared a week ago (one day than they were supposed to) and we still have literally no info on what is going to happen next. I really fail to understand why the hype that started the EDENCOM shipline was so abruptly interrupted. An obvious next step was to update the game with a proper way of getting the things. And if that was not ready yet, just let the Upwell sites run until a suitable replacement is ready to deploy on tq.

Am I missing something? Why did we all got free skills to train something that really isn’t in the game a month later? Is this a silent acknowledgement from CCP that the ships are not simply ready yet?

I really want to like the new things (same goes for the Invasion), but with Q2 now behind us I am confused. :neutral_face:


The ships and modules are in the game. You should be able to find everything in stock in major trade hubs. Skybreaker is selling for 50 Million, Stormbringer a little over 128 million. Thunderchild starts at 358 million.

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Turns out, they are garbage and take 4x longer to kill easy trig frigs than it does with a T1 fit anything else.

The fact that they shoved the skills into our toons’ heads still bugs me. What if I never wanted to train them? Just like shoving idiotic boosters into them… like, yeah, I’m maxx’d out on missile skills but have zero gunnery… so why TF would I want tracking or ROF sitting in my head??

Both are taking away from the ‘player-run market’. At least now they are sort of admitting that it was a lie in the first place.


It’s obviously problem of POS spaghetti code.


you need also skills for those, most of them closing to 1B+ now(as there is no supply atm), dont forget t2 eqip and ammo (flying ship with t1 fit and basic skills is not much of an option really)

i expect you will be able to obtain more of this stuff from minor or fort systems + lp shop, as ccp said they are working on it and there are already 3 new trig artifacts on test server with description about lp shop and obtainable like a loot drop, there was also mentioning of bigger sites with better loot(first site spawned in ichoriya now), so we will see

what i find sad is those ships were introduced like weapons specially developed against triglavians, but they are in no way good against them … but seeing they are mostly caldari technology and seeing how caldari navy is being literally melted by triglavians it actually makes sense :wink:


I trained the frigate and frigate guns at the basic level to 5 and the medium guns and cruiser to 4 and am ending it there. I don’t see any use for these ships and am not going to waste any ISK on the other skills or any more SP. Pity, but rather underwhelming…


They were and are just an SP sink…


Actually, if you watched the CCP stream, they were developed to disrupt fleets anchored on a single ship - where the ability to strike several targets with each shot has value. I suspect CCP would like them to be used in the current war so it wouldn’t surprise me if they become more accessible or that CCP iterates on the design if they perform poorly at their intended role.


i prefer killing my targets, not tickling five of them (including drones)

right now there is war starting in fountain and around and that would be good time to test these in a large scale battles, but we are somehow in dark, no new info about those ships


I got mine removed from two of my characters via a politely worded support ticket. Just the first one and on the first day. The rest stayed in the redeem items queue.

The bonus is that I then sold them for around 400 million.

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looking at the market history i was wondering how did someone obtain them, now i know, really interesting

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There’s a bit of a theme going, there, like how Edencom in general is far less effective than plain old Concord.

But hey, the four empires didn’t seem too worried about the whole being invaded-plotline, so I guess it makes sense that the defense force is a bit poo.


Logistics know who your primary is but not who else you’ll hit. If you have 50 or more ships in fleet, those tickles can be deadly and logi may be too late to save them. It’s an interesting concept - worth trying. We already have hundreds of ships that apply all their dps to 1 target and really don’t need any more of them.


Turns out the weapon system that is the key feature of this shipline… is garbage, not much point throwing out more ships for a shipline that has no purpose


You’re not required to invest any SP in to those skills, so you haven’t “lost” anything, and its likely just to prevent there being a secondary market for those skills to make those ships more of a “limited” thing in regards to who can fly them

They might also decide to seed the skillbooks later on if they ever bother doing anything with these frankly useless ships :stuck_out_tongue:

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“but seeing they are mostly caldari technology and seeing how caldari navy is being literally melted by triglavians it actually makes sense”

exactly this :grin:

This. Logistics pilots will have big problems with a squadron of these in big fleets because of rep-broadcast-overflow.

Means it will be very difficult for logi pilots to determin the primary target in time and get reps on it if 6 other pilots broadcast at the same time because they get damage too.

Logi already deal with this on citadel sieges, to mitigate it’s a simple tactic of launch drones for the arches to hit or space out a bit or brawl the edencom ships

Could use logi drones and rep a friend, so they block arches and the arches that do hit actual ships have the damaged repped, the DPS is so low it’s meh, just use a bomber far better for causing mass broadcasts

I think there are some theoretical merits in this ship-line, but only as some kind of additional and cheap support. But “cheap” is exactly the problem here. As long as the prices for such a weak ship (in terms of targeted DPS) or sooo much over the top, they are useless. Please CCP, make them much more affordable, so people can experiment with them more easily and find use cases.

There is a reason why high alpha fleets are popular - you dont have to worry about logis as long as you have critical mass of ships/damage.

With edencom ships it might take same time to kill 5 ships (in ideal situation) compared to alpha fleet(one volley - one kill), but each ship takes 5 times as long to explode which gives them time to be saved by logis. So they are a poor choice as logi disruptors as well, imo.

Using edencom ship format is like using FOF missile fleet format - let RNG (that opponent can manipulate) guide your hand…