What Happened to the Website's simplicity?

I am a returning player. I have been gone for several years and I recently decided to check out whats new. I am logged out at the moment and wanted to check out the various ammunition stats. Now when I played before this was easy. You came to the website, went to the section on Game Items, or whatever it was called, and you could look up any item. When you found the item you were looking for you would get a description of the item, its in game stats including use stats, manufacturing requirements and base cost. Now you have this eve university which gives me articles about these things without just giving the stats. I am thoroughly annoyed I have to wait to log into the server to get this information. It might be out there but I should just be able to come to the site and find it easily. Yes I googled Eve Online Ammunition and I couldn’t find the information I am looking for in any of the results. Bring back evepedia or what ever it was. please.


Evelopedia probably won’t be returning. :frowning:

(and I need to fix this site so it works after the 8th)


Pretty much the same info as EVElopedia.

And yes, the removal of EVELopedia was a real bummer. But CCP is convinced that player created pages are so much better … ignoring the fact that most info in the EVElopedia came from players. :thinking: Typical CCP thinking.

My major issue with the website has been no uniformity. Its like soon as new stuff is ready its being rolled out. As a result you have a community site using 2 different layouts, the main landing page for the site has been updated to not even allow you to sign in or access the forums. The website design overall seems like it has moved from functional and aesthetics to just pure aesthetics. There needs to be a return to function. Keep it simple, but don’t over simplify it. We still need the same level of access to what we had, if you want to present it in a different layout that is fine, but stuff is being hidden behind links just for the sake of a modern clean design. You can still have a modernized simplistic design without compacting and hiding. Stop focusing on mobile layouts and focus on function again.

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