Returning player resource?

Hi, (TLDR: Where can i find change history?)

EDIT: OK, I found some things, the GUI changed too! But question still stands.

I’m a returning player. Been away for 3 or so years. Obviously much has changed.
My character is old (2005) so I have lots of stuff and skills.

On coming back, I noticed that I think some of my stuff is missing (eg invention BPCs), but I’ve suddenly got 700+ PLEX?

Ship fittings have changed, modules missing?

My memory is hazy, but I guess much of these ‘missing’ things have been done through dev changes over the years.

Anywhere I can go to look and see (in plain txt) what the change history is?

Cheers!.. Thats a long list to look through!

do note that multiple patches within a release are sorted by “newest on top”. So you have to pay attention to dates.

They refunded some of the AUR tokens because the NEX store no longer uses AUR. That may be where your Plex came from.

Some BPCs are no longer able to be produced, so they removed it. They didnt really bother refunding for BPCs because they werent really worth much to begin with.

Otherwise, its probably faster to ask someone here what happened to something rather than go through 3 years worth of devblogs.

3 years worth of The Scope reports would have been a nice introductory course, but it seemed like OP wanted details and thus patchnotes are better than devblogs or videos.

Devblogs are usually the more important things, so i wouldve recommended the devblogs.

stuff from devblogs is then iterated in later patches so while it can be more interesting to read about ideas and reasons behind changes - those changes themselves might not be up to date.

Fair enough. Patch notes for me were always kinda long winded so i usually only looked at them if they were really interesting changes.

Thanks for all the replies. Maybe its a ‘thing’ that CCP could build out? Something to ease the pain of returning oldies like me?

Pick the date you left, and some filtered list come back with major changes?

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