Understanding the changes / back after years of hiatus

Hi there,
my account is … old I suppose.
I haven´t been playing for years and the more I see stuff about eve and a few screenshots here and there I am thinking about logging back in, which I did today.
and I am greeted by a Plethora of account packs, injectors, expert systems whatnot… and I am already thinking wtf ?
back in the days you needed a subscription or plex I trhink ?

so: it boils down to this for me:

  1. are my characters still there ? have they been resetted ?
  2. is my stuff still there ? (I had billion in isk and assets)
  3. whats the best way for to get back into the game without having to read patchnotes for a few weeks ?
    thanks in advance
  1. Yes, no
  2. Maybe, depends where you left them

sweet. short and on point. thank you

ps.: downloading client right now.

Just play like you used to when you started EVE for the first time. Discover things anew again like a newbie because they also don’t read patch notes – they just play.

Just do what every new player does. We offer them help, they refuse it, skip the tutorial, then come whining in rookie help asking 1,000 questions…


hhaha. yeah I thought about that. but I dislike getting annoyed by half remembering stuff and finding out it doesnt work that way anymore.

thanks though :slight_smile:

Okay, that can be an issue. Sometimes it would be nice to have a brain wash that removes these thoughts and memories, right?

yeah basically.
just reading latest patchnotes makes me vomit. the new UI is … well…
needs loads of adjusting already.

seems like they tried to implement several UI and QOL changes. and I for the life of me cannot see any benefits.

I left in like 2011 and came back a few months ago. I thought the same thing when I first came back. What happened to me Eve!? But as I played most of the things I thought were gonna ruin the game, turned out to not be a big deal and I was just being a drama queen and not understanding things because, as someone that hasnt been playing for years, we are are really just newbs again that dont understand enough of the game anymore to really make an informed decision. After some time playing you will either realize as I did that its still Eve, or you wont and will quit I guess.

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