Back in game... again, hanging on to old times

Fast forward 10 years → How does one get back in it? Is there any tools out there to help returning players get back in it?

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Start a new pilot on a new account using a referral link from your old account. The new account gets decent bonus stuff, you quickly get a reminder of play mechanics, and while you’re checking the new account you’ll get various updates and reminders from the help channels.


What changed your mind?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Dotlan, zkill, fuzzwork, evewho, eveboard, and character-bazaar —>>

Dotlan = Full information about what system are changing hands, where to find the ice belts, they are marked in blue circles.

zkill = who is awake right now or who was awake before you.

fuzzwork = review first before making long term industry choices.

evewho = find your old buddies.

eveboard = if you can’t think of a name to use when creating a new character there are many being created daily and sometimes it helps to see/judge the amount of active pilots being created if you are into contract scamming or ganking new players.
***** (be sure to use your locator agent and wait for them to exit the starting zone inside there brand new venture…) Sorry Aiko I know what your Safety. does!

Character-bazaar forum is a perfect place to slip right into a high SP pilot.

I might have missed some offsite api based websites but I feel that I had covered the main group.

Happy travels and welcome back.


FMH Im everywhere

Trolling on his alt char.

Even in my dreams :two_hearts:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I would imagine you have the same tools that new players have… and it’s ok to change your mind about returning to the game. Only idiots don’t change their mind.

Not a bad idea, I’ll give it a go.

The fact is that most regular people have quit the game. This last account has 190 days left which there will be no logging in.
CCP you know what you screwed up and now your paying the price.
There are other games out there that are not full time jobs where you are surrounded by narcissists whom can not even see they helped bring the game to its end.
Golf Clapp, Well done.
My advice save your money and run.

Your solo corp name is GankEVE2Ruin, yet you managed zero ganks. So you’re either grossly incompetent or you’re just another cry alt. Or both.


My psychic sense is telling me he thought he was making a point when he named it that:


Then what are you doing here? I mean besides making a fool of yourself.

Eve is a sand box do you agree on that

Can you put the sites

Please no, you need to do some homework as the names are right there. Two months? Where you been?

-Did you get tools out there the first time?


Guessing this was directed to me though it didn’t pop up as a reply.

The tools meaning the API? or knowedge on where to find the websites?
I had read about some, been told about others.

It is like EveOnline requires a welcome package for new Capsuleers.

In saying this I recall recently reading up that CCP wants to look at delivering more ingame tools, so I guess could this be where we now are to be directing response?

As for the site names mentioned months ago, hadn’t changed and are found within the search on this forum.

Dotlan, zkill, fuzzwork, evewho, eveboard, and character-bazaar —>>

CSM anyone? Who is the CSM for those sort of things?

Welcome back, always good to see an old player come back to the game.

As for your question:

Not 4 U.

I was implying that new players seldom worry about such things “tools out there” … it’s kinda vague… I always see EVE as a buddy game. I think one has to mingle to get updates on what’s around.